1 Hour To Break Into A 1,000 lbs Safe 

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24 apr. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin Maand geleden
Did you watch the last video? 👉
jayme-leigh bouch
jayme-leigh bouch 23 uur geleden
I am subscribed I've subscribed for two weeks now can you do 100 layers of concrete drywall and Glass
jayme-leigh bouch
jayme-leigh bouch 23 uur geleden
Bruh Haps
Bruh Haps 8 dagen geleden
Trust him
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 9 dagen geleden
Adil Musa
Adil Musa 18 dagen geleden
@bigchamp420 pp
Peyton Hughes
Peyton Hughes 9 uur geleden
Imagine getting robbed and you just hear “on today’s challenge my friends are gonna see who can break some randos cranium open first!”
Tristan Burns
Tristan Burns 9 uur geleden
I wonder what’s behind the hall
LITE WULF 21 uur geleden
6:29 shout-out to the camera man who risked his kneecaps for that shot
DDrenity DDrenity
DDrenity DDrenity Dag geleden
Me: That's a lot of damage
-MrBird— James
-MrBird— James 2 dagen geleden
Harrison Leake
Harrison Leake 2 dagen geleden
Trent = hulk
Average Miners
Average Miners 2 dagen geleden
Imagine Mr Beast and Dustin doing a collab
Rebelord 3 dagen geleden
Missed chance for a safe sponsorship
Vaughn Hodge
Vaughn Hodge 5 dagen geleden
ZombieNightmare 6 dagen geleden
Another good vid
Quentin Z
Quentin Z 8 dagen geleden
U You should try shooting guns ata safe 😆
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 9 dagen geleden
That is terrifying
Mr  Untouchable
Mr Untouchable 9 dagen geleden
Thomas Stickley
Thomas Stickley 9 dagen geleden
Jeremy had the wrong phrase i'm pretty sure he meant to say its hammer time
Jake Xuereb
Jake Xuereb 10 dagen geleden
I like you vids and yes I watched the latest videos and I liked every vidoe
The Gaming Ace
The Gaming Ace 11 dagen geleden
I think trent should get a big pay raise
Tricky Nicky
Tricky Nicky 13 dagen geleden
What’s behind the curtain
The Washingmachine
The Washingmachine 13 dagen geleden
It's never safe if Trent has a sledgehammer
Salty Soup87
Salty Soup87 14 dagen geleden
Who else was here when it was just him in his videos
ItzEagleYT 15 dagen geleden
Aayyyy me and trent have the same shirt
Mason Vanderburg
Mason Vanderburg 15 dagen geleden
No its not time for wombo combo its hammer time LOL
pavo productions
pavo productions 17 dagen geleden
Trent is so strong that he can break My screen with his mind without leaving the vídeo
Mistywolf 18 dagen geleden
I love how the safe is 1,000 pounds, but yet he still just tips it over... 2:56
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea 18 dagen geleden
Kk Henderson
Kk Henderson 19 dagen geleden
Ha im a big fan.
Hlebi 20 dagen geleden
1:18 XD
Genevieve Ramirez
Genevieve Ramirez 20 dagen geleden
The wary course superiorly post because mother-in-law longitudinally joke but a yummy toothbrush. absorbed, swift skin
Dark Drobs
Dark Drobs 21 dag geleden
A4 - he is plagiarize your videos 🤯
jotaro kujo
jotaro kujo 21 dag geleden
9:33 demon screaming
LucklessPine484 21 dag geleden
At 2:04 Trent taking after Zach/ Trent Trent
Eymen koç
Eymen koç 22 dagen geleden
X THREE 25 dagen geleden
if you say wambo combo again I am never watching your vides
Maria Ortiz
Maria Ortiz 25 dagen geleden
Is the FBI going to come to these guys his house for what they’re buying a bunch of weapons
Ongongpunya Tablet
Ongongpunya Tablet 27 dagen geleden
I'd like some coconut milk
DUSTIFINGI4 PLAYS 29 dagen geleden
I want to get this type of job
Zaijan Marasigan
Zaijan Marasigan 29 dagen geleden
Haha🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂 baby arms
B4iT3d 09
B4iT3d 09 Maand geleden
6:30 cod 3 kill cam
Callum Barclay-Jay
Callum Barclay-Jay Maand geleden
All of them hitting with sledge hammers:loud Me:music. To my ears
Kidd Sunday
Kidd Sunday Maand geleden
What’s this song that’s always playing?
firebaby 263
firebaby 263 Maand geleden
jeez 13:23
firebaby 263
firebaby 263 Maand geleden
trent my mom spring cleaning me: 13:23
Sadiki Martin
Sadiki Martin Maand geleden
Shout out to everyone who's in a vivid situation but I handling it camly
Sadiki Martin
Sadiki Martin Maand geleden
Trent is starting to speak more
nguyen duy thang
nguyen duy thang Maand geleden
gg to my ear wearing headphones and forgot that i put max volume
Stormy Tanner
Stormy Tanner Maand geleden
why not just aim for the hinges or the safes door-?
Twitch Ktl yt T
Twitch Ktl yt T Maand geleden
Your vids long but I still love them😄
Scott Edwards
Scott Edwards Maand geleden
This must be very therapeutic...
DoucheBagDave Maand geleden
That’s the first Time I’ve ever seen Trent scared
Big nec
Big nec Maand geleden
We love Trent
carl sterum
carl sterum Maand geleden
Did manz get monetised? Lets gooo
james henderson
james henderson Maand geleden
Guys Macke a video that Trent has to be stuck in a diamond cage but the diamonds are not hard
don't read my profile
don't read my profile Maand geleden
We need a baby arm
sweetcream XD C H I L L
5:37 he says the f word
Gilbert Ripoll
Gilbert Ripoll Maand geleden
Trent is the boss he is very strong
BOY GAMERSSS Maand geleden
Epic vid
ThereIsNoahScape Maand geleden
Not the wall!
nala 463
nala 463 Maand geleden
1:07 need to save my place when i get rid of ads lol
Jayden Cruizer
Jayden Cruizer Maand geleden
This is so cool
Jack Weyland
Jack Weyland Maand geleden
The camera man!!! Instead of the wall, jeremy is in a dangerous position
Jack Weyland
Jack Weyland Maand geleden
How does trent not fell the vibrations?
Chase Mcglone
Chase Mcglone Maand geleden
“I need a baby arm, eric” trent 2021
jason. YT
jason. YT Maand geleden
7:00 fire spark
jason. YT
jason. YT Maand geleden
I think you will need a plasma cutter
christie conard
christie conard Maand geleden
ps: im a boy
christie conard
christie conard Maand geleden
and also dustin dose trent have a girlfriend
christie conard
christie conard Maand geleden
koala barbarian
koala barbarian Maand geleden
are we ever gonna find out whats behind the curtain?
ISAAC HUFFMAN Maand geleden
dustin you need to get a war hammer
Xian Bautista
Xian Bautista Maand geleden
Hi and I'm new in dis vid and I like your videos and I'm new😀
Toon DizzE
Toon DizzE Maand geleden
Hulk smash = Trent smash
Ashley Tate
Ashley Tate Maand geleden
Trent should be in the wwe
Alexander Ham
Alexander Ham Maand geleden
one hundred seventy first comment
ataliababy Maand geleden
oh i started 3 years ago
Karta Wie
Karta Wie Maand geleden
destroy the safe with tnt weapon
Juju Promise
Juju Promise Maand geleden
Ficer Ed
Ficer Ed Maand geleden
I think trent can play rhino from spiderman
Muhammad Yaseen
Muhammad Yaseen Maand geleden
Make more breaking stuff videos
Brady Gray
Brady Gray Maand geleden
Literally on 8:00 he said more power and then my headphones just said “power off” and died 😂.
Artifi Maand geleden
I like Trent he flex’s in a comical way
arc reaper13
arc reaper13 Maand geleden
Its trent proof
arc reaper13
arc reaper13 Maand geleden
Flex seal bat
The best channel you’ll ever see E V E R
1:18 cynade and happiness 2:38 death
M Fish boy Brummer
M Fish boy Brummer Maand geleden
Does he feel everything in your chest because you’re weak
Rebecca Lambert
Rebecca Lambert Maand geleden
12:56 Trent turns into a Super Saiyan
Hunter Asbury
Hunter Asbury Maand geleden
I was wondering where those distant thuds, followed by the shaking of the ground, were coming from
Loyalty, Liberation, Legion
Might want to get a new arsenal.
Marjorie Vines
Marjorie Vines Maand geleden
I been watch Dustin for 2 years now and he still don't got 30mill like Mrbeast yet hmmm...
Izaac Maand geleden
i which your videos and Julian
Zachary Stewart
Zachary Stewart Maand geleden
I wanna know what’s behind there.
Adan Paredes
Adan Paredes Maand geleden
STINKY POOP Maand geleden
Can you make obsidian wall?
Kinda Plays Roblox
Kinda Plays Roblox Maand geleden
Waaaaa by mistake I unfriend you can u accept the request again plz I swear by mistake I unfriend you :(
Maks Tomasaicz
Maks Tomasaicz Maand geleden
The Wallmart version of Mr beast
Kinda Plays Roblox
Kinda Plays Roblox Maand geleden
Hi did you remember me am Kindaflowerbest that I gave you free pets in adopt me did you remember me plz say yes and answer at my question plz plz
Troy Maand geleden
Did these guys literally just quote the Lizzie McGuire Movie? 7:32
Jack Sparow
Jack Sparow Maand geleden
I am a bit triggered because,to open a safe.Hit the door!!!Only the door!! Sorry if the gramma is not correct,I come from germany
SA Etter
SA Etter Maand geleden
Could you bring back the hundred layer videos I really enjoyed them
Sai Vidur Senthil Nathan
Discount Mrbeast? (That’s a good thing). P.S, love the vids.
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