1 Hour To Escape A Lego Prison Cell 

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binge watch these, you won't regret it ;)

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3 apr. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin 2 maanden geleden
binge watch these, you won’t regret it ;)
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 8 dagen geleden
Thanks Man
Benedict Devine
Benedict Devine 29 dagen geleden
tell trent that he should make his own youtube channel
MrBeastGaming Maand geleden
Temple Maand geleden
Marek Brhlik
Marek Brhlik Maand geleden
@Uncah je v pôvodnom zachovalom a na základe že ne mám robux 😂😂
Marilyn Flores
Marilyn Flores Dag geleden
Rocket Gaming
Rocket Gaming Dag geleden
RonaldistheBest YouTube
Jeremy: "That's not a clock, that's a timer." Dustin: "No, it's a clock." Me: NAH FAM DAS AN HOUR GLASS SHEEEEEESH!!
Olive Changfoot
Olive Changfoot Dag geleden
Some of the best saying on youtube (top3) 3."it's time for my last words, uh oh I've got nothing" -clash Royale electro wiz 2."when you listen to the ears you get... Water" -Mrbeast And 1... 1"NOT THE WALL" -99.9% Of justdustin videos
Franz Cedric A. Calas
Franz Cedric A. Calas 2 dagen geleden
It's funny to watch them eating chicken feet HAHA but Philippines we even eat the head of the chicken
jente mertens
jente mertens 2 dagen geleden
the best movie
thepizzacar pizza
thepizzacar pizza 2 dagen geleden
green means its time to be mean
Dakota Haley
Dakota Haley 2 dagen geleden
Kate Hall
Kate Hall 2 dagen geleden
skarler wolf cz
skarler wolf cz 2 dagen geleden
Not a trent
The Duck Lord
The Duck Lord 3 dagen geleden
I actually like cow tongue lol it tastes pretty good
Jennifer Peters
Jennifer Peters 3 dagen geleden
Yahia Hussein
Yahia Hussein 3 dagen geleden
14:05 this is the part everyone was waiting for
Absenkes Gaming
Absenkes Gaming 3 dagen geleden
Trent destroys all walls I thought he was gonna lose
Absenkes Gaming
Absenkes Gaming 3 dagen geleden
Eret eat all
Matty Dusharm
Matty Dusharm 3 dagen geleden
the only ones who don’t annoy me are dustin and eric.
Ghernandez 3 dagen geleden
Make a concrete Lego cell for Trent pls
Bentley Davis
Bentley Davis 4 dagen geleden
He should have just broke the bars
John Sullivan
John Sullivan 4 dagen geleden
“NOT THE WALL” Is jeremys best line
Isaiah Hernandez
Isaiah Hernandez 4 dagen geleden
concreteLego Prison Cell
Karamjit Salh
Karamjit Salh 5 dagen geleden
u can do it trant
Chibby Gamer
Chibby Gamer 6 dagen geleden
Yes actually do steel pure steel
Brenten Ritchea
Brenten Ritchea 6 dagen geleden
Dexter Caldwell
Dexter Caldwell 7 dagen geleden
5:00 This is why I love Trent 😂
Jax Kirk
Jax Kirk 7 dagen geleden
Me who is a genius just go through the bars 🤪
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 8 dagen geleden
Man Trent destroyed a bat
Aubree Stevens
Aubree Stevens 9 dagen geleden
just go thro it
Wapergaurd & Epic
Wapergaurd & Epic 10 dagen geleden
Am i the onlg one whos real name is trent?
Benjamin Lane
Benjamin Lane 11 dagen geleden
Cement Lego prison? That sounds....... AMAZING!!!!!!!
Heath Collyer
Heath Collyer 11 dagen geleden
Unbrackible burger prison sell
Heath Collyer
Heath Collyer 11 dagen geleden
Concrete prison sell
BigBoiBorger 12 dagen geleden
Make an unbreakable house out of Lego and cement
Snazzy blue
Snazzy blue 12 dagen geleden
Imagine Trent in actual prison That’s gonna be horrible when he get hurt 😢
Carter Bindschusz
Carter Bindschusz 13 dagen geleden
Put Trent in a cage under water and see if he can break out.
strangergamer 13 dagen geleden
Trent is a living tank
Antics_Gaming 13 dagen geleden
What’s wrong with eating raw squid
Luis San Juan
Luis San Juan 14 dagen geleden
Coltybolty 14 dagen geleden
︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
Coltybolty 14 dagen geleden
Hi ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
Coltybolty 14 dagen geleden
︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
Pskmask22 15 dagen geleden
Zach say im am the king and hit the lego almost half and I say THE KINGGG
Hilda Vasquez
Hilda Vasquez 15 dagen geleden
Yes Bowie
Callie Nel
Callie Nel 15 dagen geleden
Make cement lego prison cell
Heather Steward
Heather Steward 16 dagen geleden
Heck yeah
Ryan Hanley
Ryan Hanley 16 dagen geleden
Trent and Dustin are my favorites of these videos I wonder what yours is please reply if you want
Bonita Ellison
Bonita Ellison 16 dagen geleden
You should have cemented the blocks with the key in it then put them in a concrete box
I FEAR COOKIES 16 dagen geleden
More fun mrbeast
Kubuś Przybysz
Kubuś Przybysz 16 dagen geleden
Treb manliguez
Treb manliguez 17 dagen geleden
Sa dore
Treb manliguez
Treb manliguez 17 dagen geleden
4am 17 dagen geleden
1:00 😶😶
Erfan Aiman
Erfan Aiman 17 dagen geleden
The Cool Illusions
The Cool Illusions 17 dagen geleden
KEVIN RAMIREZ 17 dagen geleden
I’m surprised I learned something by the destruction god aka trent
Ultimate Goku Black
Ultimate Goku Black 17 dagen geleden
Yes please do a concrete Lego sell
Ali Playss
Ali Playss 18 dagen geleden
He never said u can't climb from the wall
Yong Chee Leong
Yong Chee Leong 18 dagen geleden
Yes pls do I
SmolSoulless 18 dagen geleden
MoonClaw 18 dagen geleden
6:27 Thats a hourGlass dustin
Charlie Kaan
Charlie Kaan 19 dagen geleden
Baby octopus is good I love eating it
Lacey Wilner
Lacey Wilner 19 dagen geleden
Irma Joan
Irma Joan 20 dagen geleden
The knowledgeable pint generically observe because advertisement concordantly deceive down a general gentle panther. zany, late mouth
Elsie Natekin
Elsie Natekin 20 dagen geleden
yes Trent escaping concert loge cell
Owen Pettigrew
Owen Pettigrew 21 dag geleden
RIP roof
Amel ibrahimovic
Amel ibrahimovic 22 dagen geleden
R.I.P to all headphone users
Duel Z
Duel Z 22 dagen geleden
dam man 😳 0:59
Drew Van Leeuwen
Drew Van Leeuwen 23 dagen geleden
Kan jou do concrete lego box for Trent plz
demon trevor vlogs
demon trevor vlogs 24 dagen geleden
Not the erik
iiBen10 Gaming
iiBen10 Gaming 25 dagen geleden
“NOT THE WALL!!!” I always love when Jeremy says his line Lol
jeffery bobins
jeffery bobins 25 dagen geleden
You should make an unbreakable flex seal wall
cloud Uzumaki
cloud Uzumaki 26 dagen geleden
i want see lego concrete jail see him break out
Aryan Daggumati
Aryan Daggumati 26 dagen geleden
No to strong you need tow trent’s
The pumpkin klng
The pumpkin klng 26 dagen geleden
Is Trent a murderer
new gacha youTubes
new gacha youTubes 26 dagen geleden
Why do I feel like being in the cage would be extremely fun
Roman Bear
Roman Bear 26 dagen geleden
13:59 I like how he calls it The Hulk Smasher
david scalf
david scalf 26 dagen geleden
I want to see you on your next video onion next video of Michael concrete block prison
Arnošt from Kaufland
Arnošt from Kaufland 26 dagen geleden
Dakota Hall
Dakota Hall 27 dagen geleden
Give trent mma gloves??🤣
Lola-Lean Chan
Lola-Lean Chan 27 dagen geleden
100 layers of safes
I fall we fall
I fall we fall 27 dagen geleden
Trent so strong he can probably break it with his bare hands
JDAWGG 999 27 dagen geleden
Plot twist its a juggernaut fan fiction
Simhi kid Lavi Simhi
Simhi kid Lavi Simhi 27 dagen geleden
Who is stronger Trent or the Rock?
Tim Boucher
Tim Boucher 27 dagen geleden
Weak. Can't step on legos
Mate 2M
Mate 2M 27 dagen geleden
Gisela Candelario
Gisela Candelario 28 dagen geleden
The way hes tryna get out is more entertaining but you can just take off the roof and climb on the bars cause theres space for your foot and on the side of the bars theres like a ladder shaped thing that I can climb on and I can get out
Gisela Candelario
Gisela Candelario 28 dagen geleden
It will be kinda hard but still is much easier but we all know it's less entertaining lol
BlazeDestroyer BlazeRod01
BlazeDestroyer BlazeRod01 28 dagen geleden
Yes concrete LEGO blocks
Blueberry 28 dagen geleden
Tongue is the best Mexican food ever I would know cause im
Hungry Shark
Hungry Shark 29 dagen geleden
Make a concrete lego please it will be nice
joey jorgenson
joey jorgenson Maand geleden
At least if he ever goes to prison nobody will mess with him
All Around GamingYt
All Around GamingYt Maand geleden
Trent kinda looks like ivan drago
zuded beatz
zuded beatz Maand geleden
Sokilic Yt
Sokilic Yt Maand geleden
1:15 that’s what she said
Carly Snider
Carly Snider Maand geleden
one tap king
one tap king Maand geleden
Never give sledge to Trent
Natrix_03 Maand geleden
Where u got the mask from
Andrew Ochoa
Andrew Ochoa Maand geleden
Trents crazy lol
Brandon Hardy
Brandon Hardy Maand geleden
Petition to make merch saying NOT THE WALL
Keegan Berry
Keegan Berry Maand geleden
Make a Lego prison cell with concrete
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