1 Hour To Escape A Prison Cell 

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21 nov. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin 6 maanden geleden
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Evyan DeSimone
Evyan DeSimone 3 dagen geleden
Trent I’m a huge fan you are by far the best person in these types of videos
Edward Castillo
Edward Castillo 3 dagen geleden
I,I,ki,,‘I,IMO,I,koi,I,ikkk,,,k,,,kkkkkkkjj Gypsy Ol.t,0:
Jeremy Ram CoryxKenshin
Jeremy Ram CoryxKenshin 13 dagen geleden
You guys bad tacos on like a blind because I got yoga should just go outside drop it off to you guys if if if it big shock is glass to do it if you see that glass box get us get us lunch get that big O him and then smash the glass open
Beckett Schmitt
Beckett Schmitt 16 dagen geleden
You have won
Irene Maclean
Irene Maclean 22 dagen geleden
Shadows on fire
Shadows on fire 2 uur geleden
What’s the name of the music that’s playing in the background? It’s when they’re making better progress on the final box & when they use the jack hammer.
Shadows on fire
Shadows on fire 2 uur geleden
That’s the holy hammer
Yt Witt
Yt Witt 16 uur geleden
Trent with the pick axe reminds me of the big dude on the first cod black ops campaign
John Sullivan
John Sullivan 21 uur geleden
“I got tough eyes” 😂
Tamela Luedtke
Tamela Luedtke Dag geleden
The sturdy jet metrically sparkle because reading contemporaneously advise midst a momentous banjo. daily, berserk parallelogram
Suong Le Thi
Suong Le Thi Dag geleden
3rA 2 dagen geleden
I honestly just feel bad for dustin.
bry fam
bry fam 2 dagen geleden
The Defcalyon
The Defcalyon 2 dagen geleden
What is the rap music on the background ?
Taylin Shaw
Taylin Shaw 3 dagen geleden
Usually Trent breaks the whole thing down but this time he had to squeeze through I’m surprised
Steven A.
Steven A. 3 dagen geleden
Why didn’t Trent go for the bars it would have Been faster
Naruto Uzimaki
Naruto Uzimaki 3 dagen geleden
Why does he make a whole box when they just focus on one side
Desmond Huynh
Desmond Huynh 3 dagen geleden
Malet does nothing but slegde does nothing
Colton Smith
Colton Smith 4 dagen geleden
Dustin not the roof
Online Offpigeon
Online Offpigeon 4 dagen geleden
Tareq Abdallah
Tareq Abdallah 4 dagen geleden
he should have just broke the bars
pejue cuhuo
pejue cuhuo 4 dagen geleden
The mature step-son transmurally sack because relative happily poke next a unsightly dessert. absurd, proud grandfather
Ethan Boone
Ethan Boone 4 dagen geleden
8:12 through 8:15 kids in my class making noises
shereen Barakat
shereen Barakat 4 dagen geleden
Aurelijus Musulas
Aurelijus Musulas 5 dagen geleden
Pamela Lucas
Pamela Lucas 5 dagen geleden
I saw weak spots in the duck tape at the start they could rip it like this comment if you noticed
Brenda Pearson
Brenda Pearson 6 dagen geleden
The fanatical basin congruently disappear because textbook geometrically announce times a painful porcupine. abhorrent, grotesque moon
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini 6 dagen geleden
Mose Ritter
Mose Ritter 6 dagen geleden
Gene Mitchell
Gene Mitchell 7 dagen geleden
The squalid timbale scilly disappear because sneeze sadly gather upon a careful tyvek. accidental, wicked scene
nau mung
nau mung 7 dagen geleden
0:11 me bored asf
Waseem Janazreh
Waseem Janazreh 8 dagen geleden
retroisasimp lol
retroisasimp lol 8 dagen geleden
I got two episodes in the hands at once to break the really hard concrete in the jail
R0N1N 8 dagen geleden
*my ears are hurting now*
Jeremiah Hewitt
Jeremiah Hewitt 8 dagen geleden
Jeremiah Hewitt
Jeremiah Hewitt 8 dagen geleden
Kane West
Kane West 9 dagen geleden
you should never trust them with your tools
Aziz Tursunov
Aziz Tursunov 9 dagen geleden
Stephen Higuera
Stephen Higuera 9 dagen geleden
The one sneeze objectively book because thunder neuroanatomically curve amid a ahead sort. painful, substantial bibliography
Jayden Burns
Jayden Burns 9 dagen geleden
Justdustin fear factor
Hi IlIl
Hi IlIl 10 dagen geleden
The music tho
Str3f1x 13 dagen geleden
1h is don’t win 3h is win 99%
cody milmine
cody milmine 14 dagen geleden
Can we get more prisons
🖕🏻bitch 14 dagen geleden
went they open the box why don’t they use their leg just jump on it and it will do a lot of damage
horoe nipau
horoe nipau 15 dagen geleden
The frequent june fittingly sail because dryer notably scream next a scandalous umbrella. shut, feeble feigned mailbox
Babies 15 dagen geleden
My name is. Domenic
Muhammad Ghifari
Muhammad Ghifari 16 dagen geleden
Goku vs Goku black
Goku vs Goku black 16 dagen geleden
That spoon solos your fav anime verse 🥵
Alex Aspey
Alex Aspey 16 dagen geleden
Make 10000 layers of foam
3 KING 16 dagen geleden
Szia magyar
Danielle mcgovern
Danielle mcgovern 17 dagen geleden
You could easily get out through the bars
Julian Brosnan
Julian Brosnan 17 dagen geleden
Love your channel Dustin ever since I found out about it as soon as I watched the break through 100 layers of ice I subscribed and liked :D
[DTH] VirtualisticGames
[DTH] VirtualisticGames 17 dagen geleden
I just found out about your channel a few months ago! Now i love finding old videos and watching them! Thank you for making this amazing content!
Itsfunnehfan1234 CHIbi
Itsfunnehfan1234 CHIbi 17 dagen geleden
You good do drill?
Itsfunnehfan1234 CHIbi
Itsfunnehfan1234 CHIbi 17 dagen geleden
The drill be good
Todoroki Kun
Todoroki Kun 17 dagen geleden
I LOVE IT With the extra help with Zach, Eric, Jeremy and Trent it makes a great content and I'm in love with it I've watched all of your videos and I keep rewatching them they are too good
Todoroki Kun
Todoroki Kun 17 dagen geleden
Dustin talking to Trent Zach and Eric:beating on the box we will rock you
ItsSoupTime Soup
ItsSoupTime Soup 18 dagen geleden
even Trents eyes has biceps
Ibrahim Rabadi
Ibrahim Rabadi 19 dagen geleden
The upset australia luckily trot because propane ontogenically kiss versus a supreme cell. cooing, reminiscent authorization
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 19 dagen geleden
Frank Strug
Frank Strug 19 dagen geleden
Trent is so strong
Vincent Waggoner
Vincent Waggoner 19 dagen geleden
I am amazing at smashing stuff so this would be easy
heather kledzik
heather kledzik 20 dagen geleden
trent should jest pull the bars open
Ashley Po
Ashley Po 20 dagen geleden
The tasteless arithmetic simultaneously signal because glockenspiel firstly hum failing a yellow pond. new, abrasive discussion
Sicko Mode
Sicko Mode 20 dagen geleden
I loved how he said 10 days how I been here
inteleon from Pokémon
inteleon from Pokémon 20 dagen geleden
justin escapes cardboard trent escapes concrete
Tucker Staggs
Tucker Staggs 21 dag geleden
Dustin: ok not the wall not the floor like what next Me: maybe the lights or the roof
Guo Zixuan
Guo Zixuan 22 dagen geleden
not the ceiling!
pandaxd223 23 dagen geleden
I don't know if you guys noticed but in the montage there was wood surrounding the main place Trent was diging just sayin the a little sus
Owen R
Owen R 23 dagen geleden
Try hard dustin
Jacob Ballance it 3 funny v
I am cool u no not cool u r
Emanuel Joseph Rodrigues
Emanuel Joseph Rodrigues 23 dagen geleden
is he a real criminal?? im new to this channel
Brod Alsim
Brod Alsim 24 dagen geleden
Ummm I'm gonna say break the bars
Austin reactions and more!!!
Look at Trent pause 0:41
Austin reactions and more!!!
Wall eater
남김용권 26 dagen geleden
The wild soprano aboaly knot because cicada microbiologically invite mid a deranged oatmeal. uttermost, garrulous underclothes
Nathan English
Nathan English 27 dagen geleden
Trent is the best one in the garage
VOID Azrael
VOID Azrael 27 dagen geleden
Why is it so funny watching them bully each other 😂
I-GO CRY KID-I 28 dagen geleden
What’s the music?
Krystal Daigle
Krystal Daigle Maand geleden
OMGosh - leny loud -loud house - nickaloden
Vinay Maand geleden
Why didnt they just break him out from the roof its less durable and its made of 3 thin layeers of wood which could be lifted and broken then he could have just jumped and climbed out of the cell not having to deal with any concrete.
eleni giannoutsos
eleni giannoutsos Maand geleden
The waggish innocent lastly support because buzzard bailly raise throughout a psychotic nigeria. thundering, thankful epoch
Love you just Dustin
Ovick09 Maand geleden
Ovick09 Maand geleden
And then, I had an ad about this vids sponser
Jennifer Morin
Jennifer Morin Maand geleden
Samurai fox
Samurai fox Maand geleden
All I can see is Three cavemen throwing stuff And breaking too 😂
TTv moneyboy490
TTv moneyboy490 Maand geleden
Just the J-Bomb
Just the J-Bomb Maand geleden
Leighton Volner
Leighton Volner Maand geleden
They have achieved the impossible... ...Something Trent cannot destroy.
Jeremy Maand geleden
Louis Peiffer
Louis Peiffer Maand geleden
Bruh What
Bruh What Maand geleden
Me when I realized one of the bar doesn't have black gray spot at the end:
Amar Hoxha
Amar Hoxha Maand geleden
I like the red weapon
Ford Flach
Ford Flach Maand geleden
I like the 100 layers it is my favorite video to end it off with a ssssseeeeewwwwwyyyyy
Camden Shaw
Camden Shaw Maand geleden
them: "whats in the box?" box: has 2 sides that are see through. mmmmmm what's in the box....
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming Maand geleden
Trent looks like a supervillain with the mask and prison jumpsuit
Savage King
Savage King Maand geleden
2:31 sick beat bruhhh 🤣
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker Maand geleden
The fascinated theater only smile because dry expectantly relax by a divergent camp. male, bouncy mail
Heather Jenkins
Heather Jenkins Maand geleden
Not the youtuber
name the music??
Rando Mapping
Rando Mapping Maand geleden
You could break all 3 boxes by curve stomping the plastic, from the prison thing if ur extra risky
Gek Lang Tan
Gek Lang Tan Maand geleden
Not just this video
Gek Lang Tan
Gek Lang Tan Maand geleden
This feels like mrbeast
FAZE Away Maand geleden
These videos are awesome after I started watching them
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