100 Layers of Candy vs Chocolate Wall 

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binge watch these, you won't regret it ;)

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20 mrt. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin 2 maanden geleden
What's better, candy or chocolate?
Owen Machell
Owen Machell Maand geleden
Oliver Noah Ow
Oliver Noah Ow Maand geleden
Dennie Gaasendam
Dennie Gaasendam 2 maanden geleden
Jya Jzen Hernandez
Jya Jzen Hernandez 2 maanden geleden
Bentley Woods
Bentley Woods 2 maanden geleden
Crazy Pup239
Crazy Pup239 41 minuut geleden
Candy and chocolate fall under the same category
Erold Sopaj
Erold Sopaj Uur geleden
Haram haram
Tacitcal Technlogy
Tacitcal Technlogy 2 uur geleden
رحومي نومي
رحومي نومي 2 uur geleden
no dc 🍫😢
Beast Vaughn
Beast Vaughn 3 uur geleden
Let’s go candy
THE LO KO BRO 11 uur geleden
Candy because chocolate is candy
roman Beach
roman Beach 14 uur geleden
I love how these are just kids being able to go ham on GIANT sized candy
Jr-nightmare40 cedillo
Jr-nightmare40 cedillo 14 uur geleden
Fortnite pro
Fortnite pro 16 uur geleden
MioOliverS 18 uur geleden
I first though thAt candywall was blackboardʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Hard Laugh
Hard Laugh 19 uur geleden
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LDHsmash 19 uur geleden
Imma be honest I preferred the old 100 layer wall videos where you just had to break it with no challenges or anything
Hacker 21 uur geleden
dylan666 claussen
dylan666 claussen 21 uur geleden
Chocolate is candy
marcin baran
marcin baran 23 uur geleden
this like a mr beast fan with money
Vian Theo Loots
Vian Theo Loots Dag geleden
Chocolate RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tae oh
tae oh Dag geleden
The aloof border phenotypically instruct because cherries tellingly slow after a classy samurai. violent, ancient waterfall
Shayne Tan
Shayne Tan Dag geleden
Shayne Tan
Shayne Tan Dag geleden
Colex fn
Colex fn Dag geleden
James Lucas
James Lucas Dag geleden
Chocolate but you just got this statement
James Lucas
James Lucas Dag geleden
You got the statement
Jasmine Greb
Jasmine Greb Dag geleden
elder Pepe
elder Pepe Dag geleden
Trent entering god mode be like: 5:27
Tristan Pretorius
Tristan Pretorius Dag geleden
Team chocolate
Ink Sans
Ink Sans Dag geleden
The Twisty knife is callled "Jakkomando"
epic sans
epic sans 12 uur geleden
Stevie-Lee Sutton
Stevie-Lee Sutton Dag geleden
Fury Dag geleden
can i get seuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwe edit i cant spell
Melinda Johnson
Melinda Johnson Dag geleden
Eliazar Breceda
Eliazar Breceda Dag geleden
Candy is the best
Neil Abercrombie
Neil Abercrombie Dag geleden
isnt choclate candy
Melinda Johnson
Melinda Johnson Dag geleden
Mocha Berry
Mocha Berry Dag geleden
I love this 😂 “Are you eating the wall?” “No-“ (A couple minutes later) “Are you still eating the wall?” “It’s so good”
John Sullivan
John Sullivan Dag geleden
I like chocolate more but the candy looks easier to break
Sandy Dangelo
Sandy Dangelo Dag geleden
What is better candy or chocolate man asks chocolate is Keeney
Wanda Collinsfhte
Wanda Collinsfhte Dag geleden
The plausible fall occasionally cough because loaf lastly pass atop a glib arch. squeamish, grateful gratis motorboat
Jennifer Leidig
Jennifer Leidig Dag geleden
Carl Lockyer
Carl Lockyer Dag geleden
Hentai Ball Z
Hentai Ball Z Dag geleden
Saitama is his own weapon
Austin Shatto
Austin Shatto Dag geleden
Dani scooter
Dani scooter 2 dagen geleden
glennford amigo
glennford amigo 2 dagen geleden
Am team Dustin
Dalf 2 dagen geleden
I genuinly dont like chocolate
that one gametuber
that one gametuber 2 dagen geleden
U should have a big bucket under the walls so it makes less of a mess
Ivy Joy Espiritu
Ivy Joy Espiritu 2 dagen geleden
Robin Marshall
Robin Marshall 2 dagen geleden
Chocolate 100%
chey burt
chey burt 2 dagen geleden
Eren yeager
Eren yeager 2 dagen geleden
Juan Soto Salazar
Juan Soto Salazar 2 dagen geleden
Is candy and chocolate the same thing
Angus Todd
Angus Todd 2 dagen geleden
I has -200 iq
I has -200 iq 2 dagen geleden
Im not sure if im wrong but im pretty sure the twisty knife is illegal both normally and in war because its like a one shot kill because of its twistyness
Gavin Colgan
Gavin Colgan 2 dagen geleden
Next you should do 100 layers of milk chocolate vs 100 layers of dark chocolate
Pedro Ortega
Pedro Ortega 2 dagen geleden
Why didnt he just eat his way to victory
Kat Tiblier
Kat Tiblier 2 dagen geleden
The Blue Banana
The Blue Banana 2 dagen geleden
Well you can call a chocolate bar a candy bar so maybe both
Caleb Vanderstoep
Caleb Vanderstoep 2 dagen geleden
Can u do some videos in Hamilton Ontario and can I be in it
Caleb Vanderstoep
Caleb Vanderstoep 2 dagen geleden
Can u do a rock versus métal
Caleb Vanderstoep
Caleb Vanderstoep 2 dagen geleden
mandolidiot 2 dagen geleden
8:56 this is the way
Clifton Hill
Clifton Hill 2 dagen geleden
I like chocolate because I have chocolate wine in my hand
Colin Waddell
Colin Waddell 2 dagen geleden
Aah Wen
Aah Wen 2 dagen geleden
Chocolate 🍫 mmm 😛🥲
Camdyn Gindl
Camdyn Gindl 2 dagen geleden
Chocolate is candy!!!
Jacob Michael
Jacob Michael 2 dagen geleden
Candy is better
Amv_channel Anime
Amv_channel Anime 2 dagen geleden
I feel bad for Trent 😭
chocolaterubyfox 2 dagen geleden
Chocolateruby ooo yeah
Mushroom frog
Mushroom frog 2 dagen geleden
Not me eating through the wall
Pull out the coupe at the lot tell “the buox
I don’t like sugar
#Neiber Kid YT
#Neiber Kid YT 3 dagen geleden
Choclite is best
Brigitte Johns
Brigitte Johns 3 dagen geleden
Brigitte Johns
Brigitte Johns 3 dagen geleden
Gavin Cornell
Gavin Cornell 3 dagen geleden
420_ Legend
420_ Legend 3 dagen geleden
I would of ate the chocolate at the end
Bader Lari
Bader Lari 3 dagen geleden
apollo tan
apollo tan 3 dagen geleden
An hour later Dustin:we should get mcdonalds Jeremy:we shuold first clean Dustin:les do that later A hour later Dustin:phew we have arived Ants: hey this is our food
Logan Ortiz
Logan Ortiz 3 dagen geleden
I don't eat suger 1:39
Bryson Ashcroft
Bryson Ashcroft 3 dagen geleden
The janitor at the end of half these episodes:👁👄👁
Savannah Holden
Savannah Holden 3 dagen geleden
Alicia Drake
Alicia Drake 3 dagen geleden
lol Dustin almost killed his self
Layne Sleight
Layne Sleight 3 dagen geleden
I would like to eat the chocolate wall
Bob Lee
Bob Lee 3 dagen geleden
Bryar Smith
Bryar Smith 3 dagen geleden
I’m mostly a chocolate person
Sophorn Ear
Sophorn Ear 3 dagen geleden
Adrian Vuittonet
Adrian Vuittonet 3 dagen geleden
I vote chocolate
Mona Perkins
Mona Perkins 3 dagen geleden
Chocolate is the best go Justin Dustin
The Cheese 3.0
The Cheese 3.0 3 dagen geleden
8:56 Mandalorian watching: Thats the way
VENOM theBRUTE 3 dagen geleden
Flamesword416 3 dagen geleden
that's a lot of good chocolate
Chazller 3 dagen geleden
Phoebe Dean-Hannah
Phoebe Dean-Hannah 3 dagen geleden
Team chocolate 🍫
Lisa Roberts
Lisa Roberts 3 dagen geleden
Candy candy candy
Ghost 3 dagen geleden
Was Trina in like the army or navy?
Kenzel mifsud
Kenzel mifsud 3 dagen geleden
Ewan Kelly
Ewan Kelly 3 dagen geleden
I like chocolate better than candy
Becki Bangs
Becki Bangs 3 dagen geleden
Liam Lo
Liam Lo 4 dagen geleden
use a spon it work i know
Jermaine Casey Atwell
Jermaine Casey Atwell 4 dagen geleden
brick 4 dagen geleden
I think this is the first challenge trent lost
BroccoliNinja 4 dagen geleden
where do you get this stuff
Naomi Devine
Naomi Devine 4 dagen geleden
Insane BMX Downhill!
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