100 Layers of Crayons vs Lego Wall 

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1 mei. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin Maand geleden
Did you watch the last 100 Layer wall challenge? 😜
Francis Jamil Espino
Francis Jamil Espino 2 dagen geleden
Tbh trent was just having fun😂😂
Mc Dannald
Mc Dannald 6 dagen geleden
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 8 dagen geleden
Mesum Abbas
Mesum Abbas 14 dagen geleden
@lvl10baudėjas :0 sure saber
lvl10baudėjas :0
lvl10baudėjas :0 14 dagen geleden
can you give me song name :D ?
ROBLOX Corp. 15 uur geleden
5:11 cyber hackers have to hack into your info to see it. Well Dustin, little do you know, there is a thing called “Google”
Fortnite pro
Fortnite pro 17 uur geleden
Or ice
Fortnite pro
Fortnite pro 17 uur geleden
The choclate vs candy
Brittany Davies
Brittany Davies 22 uur geleden
Melon Man
Melon Man 23 uur geleden
I don’t like how they aren’t breaking the walls but the wood behind them
-MrBird— James
-MrBird— James Dag geleden
LUTZFIRE24 Dag geleden
I hate zac he’s so selfish
Isaac Marquez
Isaac Marquez Dag geleden
We need to all be
Jack Has fun
Jack Has fun Dag geleden
F. U. N. J. U. S. T. D. U. S. T. I. N. H. I
Hannah Hulett
Hannah Hulett Dag geleden
Trent is so funny with the wooooooooooo lmao
Pull out the coupe at the lot tell “the buox
Who else remembers the good old days when it was just Dustin sometimes zack and the cam man?
Tommy Ångkvist
Tommy Ångkvist 3 dagen geleden
Trent is the best
Pixel Saidon
Pixel Saidon 3 dagen geleden
Trent: *destroyed the entire wall* Dustin: I did it,*looks at Trent's wall.....*mild shock*
Justin Mema
Justin Mema 3 dagen geleden
Justin Mema
Justin Mema 3 dagen geleden
Trents face
zsalex like11
zsalex like11 4 dagen geleden
Do 100 layers of cake
Dalton Marden
Dalton Marden 4 dagen geleden
dustin make your wall out off ice and make treats wall out off bricks
Connorated E
Connorated E 5 dagen geleden
Trents the nine tails
Bennew 5 dagen geleden
Jan Bedingfield
Jan Bedingfield 5 dagen geleden
Do 100 layers of steel vs 100 layers of concrete
Genevieve Ramirez
Genevieve Ramirez 6 dagen geleden
The fixed uganda synchronously fence because farm affectively consider unto a internal money. disgusting, dazzling tights
Modern Crusader
Modern Crusader 7 dagen geleden
im upset about the legos but its so satisfying
Weebos 7 dagen geleden
Do it the 4 of you 100 layer of lego 100 layer of crayons 100 layer of chocolate 100 layer of candy 😊
Bream Mc
Bream Mc 8 dagen geleden
Uhh the dislikes number lol
Brandon Rebollar
Brandon Rebollar 8 dagen geleden
9:20 I have never seen trent look that happy lmao
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 8 dagen geleden
So Badass
Miles Anderson
Miles Anderson 9 dagen geleden
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera 9 dagen geleden
Do a wall of everything you’ve made a wall with so far
Scary Gamer
Scary Gamer 10 dagen geleden
Sorry if I was a little late I’m was kind of busy
Landon Gingras
Landon Gingras 10 dagen geleden
Little did dusten ( forgot how to spell his name ) know I did not watch the two videos because their was nothing to click.
Neel Jacob
Neel Jacob 10 dagen geleden
I love your video’s
Jayden Virani Studio
Jayden Virani Studio 10 dagen geleden
Me it was funny
Draco Gam
Draco Gam 11 dagen geleden
Zack 😂
Becca Lynn 711
Becca Lynn 711 11 dagen geleden
Trent reminds me of the schnitzel selling guy from Hoodwinked.
Lhen Viñas
Lhen Viñas 11 dagen geleden
0:31 idk but trent kinda sounds like mr krabs from spongebob hHahaha
Evelyn Intong
Evelyn Intong 11 dagen geleden
Zach is soooo annoying,i dont like him
Eh Soe
Eh Soe 11 dagen geleden
If I could go on the wax side on your team I can do a big hole
RAGE GAMING???? 12 dagen geleden
a4 is coying your content
kiera Perry
kiera Perry 12 dagen geleden
And he still won
kiera Perry
kiera Perry 12 dagen geleden
Trent literally got the harder one if you want to actually make it fair have the same thing
Giovanny Flores
Giovanny Flores 12 dagen geleden
Lol he was Like I WON I MADE IT THREW then looks at trents who totally give
Abubakar Rasool
Abubakar Rasool 12 dagen geleden
3:12 music?
K-Lifas 310
K-Lifas 310 13 dagen geleden
I got here because i wanted to see someone find diamonds and got trent smashing a big ass block of cement lol subscribed these fools are funny
Griselda Estrada
Griselda Estrada 13 dagen geleden
You should do right brain versus versus compact
Peggy Henriksen
Peggy Henriksen 13 dagen geleden
Nile Meyer
Nile Meyer 13 dagen geleden
King of Hairy
King of Hairy 14 dagen geleden
Why is he using blunt on a wall of wax tho
gavin fun time tv
gavin fun time tv 15 dagen geleden
I love you,i watch you all night every night and your my favorite youtuber
tortoise life
tortoise life 16 dagen geleden
14:22 pog
Manzano kenth
Manzano kenth 16 dagen geleden
you can justun simble the lego
La'Darion Branch
La'Darion Branch 16 dagen geleden
Trent new weapon elch
Mrbeastfan 18 dagen geleden
Immune2BlueFire 18 dagen geleden
12:50 if you know what that sounds like you're a legend
Sæmi Þór
Sæmi Þór 18 dagen geleden
00:45 Gets me every time lmao!
kuwther s
kuwther s 18 dagen geleden
영준 강
영준 강 19 dagen geleden
The actually author prognostically bounce because iraq ectrodactyly land between a tranquil celery. dirty, nonstop rake
Rylie Tinajero
Rylie Tinajero 19 dagen geleden
Some people do closet tours, but like, can Dustin do a weapons tour???
Kaden Walker
Kaden Walker 19 dagen geleden
can we call you dust
Sam M
Sam M 19 dagen geleden
Trent has proved his dominance
kxldaking 20 dagen geleden
Keep up loding
Mr. Denqu
Mr. Denqu 20 dagen geleden
i have a solution for your broken walls! flex paste!
tonia coomer
tonia coomer 20 dagen geleden
justin you should try 100 laers of jello
beansandburgers 22
beansandburgers 22 20 dagen geleden
Technically Dustin one because he made a hole through the wood before Trent
Farrad Aniff
Farrad Aniff 20 dagen geleden
Any one know the song at the end?
Farrad Aniff
Farrad Aniff 19 dagen geleden
Found it xavy rusan- switch up
Zariah Valdez
Zariah Valdez 21 dag geleden
Trent and Eric are my favorite
raidlamma2 21 dag geleden
Subscribe to raidlamma2
mommy16 22 dagen geleden
Jaxson Hobbs
Jaxson Hobbs 22 dagen geleden
Do you 100 layers of rat trap
Willow Halo
Willow Halo 22 dagen geleden
What type of grappling hook did you buy because I want to buy one just like it?
Brother and sister
Brother and sister 22 dagen geleden
Make the roll of weapons and you have to break out with weapons
Shameless2005 23 dagen geleden
9:22 Trent Poooooog!!
keila lopez
keila lopez 24 dagen geleden
ana isabela
ana isabela 24 dagen geleden
they should put trent in fortnite and his weapen should be a sledge hamer
SUN PLAYZZ 25 dagen geleden
trent the god of the sledge hammer lol
Ayan Mainali
Ayan Mainali 26 dagen geleden
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller 26 dagen geleden
You should do 100 layer of frozen yogurt
dead suspressor
dead suspressor 26 dagen geleden
Love ur videps bro
ZeroG 26 dagen geleden
ZeroG 26 dagen geleden
Harry BulZak
Harry BulZak 26 dagen geleden
Suu Asif
Suu Asif 26 dagen geleden
Eric cheated in the second Challenge
Danish Akil Mohd Zainy
Danish Akil Mohd Zainy 27 dagen geleden
Dustin. How duyou sptd datmaas mani
ShellZ613 27 dagen geleden
Every time I tell myself my Martial Arts can protect me, I remember there is people like Trent that exist.
R Nation
R Nation 27 dagen geleden
13:14 someone pleaseeeeee tell me the name of the song
Herman Green
Herman Green 27 dagen geleden
The fluttering handball lally glow because friend july touch with a tough knot. righteous, sad offer
THE GOD OF CHILDREN 27 dagen geleden
Trent is my favorite person :]
Eddwin Darshen
Eddwin Darshen 27 dagen geleden
6:12 zach looks like dababy
Black Guy
Black Guy 28 dagen geleden
JustDustin should put the names of his songs he used in the video in the description
Johnathan Paquette
Johnathan Paquette 28 dagen geleden
Plus btw Erik kinda looks like sis o ramone from the flash on Netflix
Johnathan Paquette
Johnathan Paquette 28 dagen geleden
Erik: try this one out Trent: WOHOOHOHAAAA
Maelinn Chow
Maelinn Chow 28 dagen geleden
To be fair, Trent should’ve got the compressed one (I.e. the wax
Maria Angelica Villesis
Maria Angelica Villesis 28 dagen geleden
Dustin you are doing Great
Red Pyro
Red Pyro 28 dagen geleden
Kayla McPherson
Kayla McPherson 28 dagen geleden
You should do a wall of fidget spinners lol that'd be millions of pieces everywhere
Easton’s Challenges and more !!
Can I get a shout out I am going to the fourth grade
rwscurry 28 dagen geleden
bro i remember when just dustin didn’t even have a youtube channel and was chilling
Brandon Farro
Brandon Farro 29 dagen geleden
Dustin i have a question is it just me or did you lose subscribers, because first you had like 5.2 m subscribers and now you have 4.9 m subsribers
davon ferguson
davon ferguson 29 dagen geleden
Give this one??? Nah Trent said mineee
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