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5 jun. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Reacties 0   
JustDustin 11 dagen geleden
Download AFK Arena for free: Use this bonus code to get in game goodies: AFK888
Cory Green
Cory Green 3 dagen geleden
Why stand under it
Zaylah Frith
Zaylah Frith 5 dagen geleden
bam bam
bam bam 6 dagen geleden
Owen nicholsen wijaya Wijaya
U are stealing dangie bros video
JACOBURBOI 7 dagen geleden
Wasup boi
Mr. Games
Mr. Games 4 uur geleden
0:32 me after I eat taco bell
Hav1n 6 uur geleden
Dustin gets everything bad and Eric is just getting a dinner
Hm?! Who goes there?!
Hm?! Who goes there?! 10 uur geleden
Oh- wait a minute..... wasn’t this stolen by Preston?
Cristian G
Cristian G 15 uur geleden
Give credit to dangie bros
Conner Layne
Conner Layne 15 uur geleden
on every challenge the thing holding up the cans or bowl tells you who is going to win green=w red=L
Boston Sanborn
Boston Sanborn 19 uur geleden
Am I the only person that knew that the branch was garlic?
King Otaku
King Otaku 21 uur geleden
trent cheated
TruKnife 23 uur geleden
Wen Preston steals your idea
Shane Murks
Shane Murks 23 uur geleden
vladimir jovanovic
vladimir jovanovic Dag geleden
Oh wow like dude you could easily destroy buttons
Paul Boyles
Paul Boyles Dag geleden
No it's just culre
LegendarySoul Dag geleden
2:28 savage
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Lee Dag geleden
Trent was focused Zach was not for a bit with the jello into the cup across the slipping side
maximo TavareZ
maximo TavareZ Dag geleden
The Mr beast vibes this gives off is almost illegal
mcdowell aria
mcdowell aria Dag geleden
The shiny gong reassembly repair because step-uncle obviously skip apud a macho postbox. nifty, loutish north america
Nicola watson
Nicola watson 2 dagen geleden
He is slap the Plate of his head
Zach francisco
Zach francisco 2 dagen geleden
Looks like doing the challenges is better than being in jail this time.
Bryce Waller
Bryce Waller 2 dagen geleden
Love video
Cinnamon Sin
Cinnamon Sin 2 dagen geleden
Copyingish the dange bros
Prescilla Gully
Prescilla Gully 2 dagen geleden
Well I am subscribe to your videos they are so good
Rylan Walker
Rylan Walker 2 dagen geleden
The phone he had when he did the sponsor I have the same one with the same case
Lnz Clapz
Lnz Clapz 2 dagen geleden
He looked like the inside of a porter potty when the beans fell on him but the milk made him look like the inside of my mom😂
Luka Škripić
Luka Škripić 2 dagen geleden
How did je remembred that song 🤣🦆
Bogdan 3 dagen geleden
Next challenge, every time you press the wrong button you get shot once
Kkgames2011 3 dagen geleden
So are we just going to ignore that Trent was carrying it in his mouth and spat it out
Shadow Bird
Shadow Bird 3 dagen geleden
Lol he copped someone 😂😂 Their name: dangie bros:)
nice kid
nice kid 3 dagen geleden
Lol marcus made Lucas made this challenge
AjaxianMega123 3 dagen geleden
how do u and Jackcepticeye make you voices go so high in your outros... for u it is "SAWEEEET" and for jack it is "and ill see al ya dude IN THE NEXT VIIDEEEOOO" i wish my voice could go that high without cracking.
Adam Ramsey
Adam Ramsey 3 dagen geleden
On one of the dirts I thought I heard turd
Lionel Harry Wijaya
Lionel Harry Wijaya 3 dagen geleden
Dangie bros did it first
Alexandra Maddox
Alexandra Maddox 3 dagen geleden
Th3D3rpyK1ng 3 dagen geleden
I understand that it's youtube, but dam you why can't you give credit where credit is due, and plus don't say there is 100 buttons and then put 30, really. But other then that great video
Lost Zoro Nub
Lost Zoro Nub 3 dagen geleden
dustin i think you just like getting dirty at this point but love your vids, watch them almost everyday
TSM_T0X1C_Kid 3 dagen geleden
Y’all saw Trent cheat in the jello challenge?
Otakuculture 3 dagen geleden
5:59 clam juice
kittenboy gaming
kittenboy gaming 3 dagen geleden
The first one that said unlock i thought said a rock and was kinda scared
SneakyRian 3 dagen geleden
No shout out to Dangie Bros for makeing this video first?
agent p114
agent p114 3 dagen geleden
Haha dustin looks like he's had a face job lol
Patrick Phineas Cassidy
Patrick Phineas Cassidy 3 dagen geleden
Please do a potapoty challenge
Selever 3 dagen geleden
Eric's face got me dead
Alan Brown
Alan Brown 3 dagen geleden
where is the credit to the dangie Bros for the idea
CRYSTAL CANTU 3 dagen geleden
We don’t know where made the idea but it wasn’t dangie bros
Bryan Lai
Bryan Lai 3 dagen geleden
This is like preston video weird
imok 3 dagen geleden
Challenge 5 i was lol
Cory Green
Cory Green 3 dagen geleden
Why stand under it you could just move to side so it won’t get on you cause when I reading it did not say you have to stay under it the whole time
Music Mode
Music Mode 3 dagen geleden
stolen from dangie bros
MC Leqso YT
MC Leqso YT 3 dagen geleden
10:09 🤣🤣
UmarGamerBR 4 dagen geleden
His car is my favourite model of Mercedes lol.
KindPorpoise75 4 dagen geleden
Trent is a cheater he put jello in his mouth
Slate Kinerd
Slate Kinerd 4 dagen geleden
Dangie bros
Luke Games
Luke Games 4 dagen geleden
Dirt mixes with grass and flower=garden
coolguy 4 dagen geleden
every time you fail is a chace to improve... -trance
German Gaming090
German Gaming090 4 dagen geleden
Il do it credits:dangiebros
Bently McCollough
Bently McCollough 4 dagen geleden
In every one of his videos he wears that black shirt
Nicholas Kilisimasi
Nicholas Kilisimasi 4 dagen geleden
fuze rug did tis video
yoyopro 23
yoyopro 23 4 dagen geleden
4:23 dustin looks like a clown. And a girl. But he is still the best.
Cindi Hinch
Cindi Hinch 4 dagen geleden
James Bartoloms
James Bartoloms 4 dagen geleden
its not even 100 buttons
-MrBird— James
-MrBird— James 4 dagen geleden
Xx_DarkNinja26_xX 4 dagen geleden
Question, do the people in the challenges get paid for what they go through? Or do they work for u on a salary lol
Frothzx冬 4 dagen geleden
A4 : that's a good tumbnail hey...hey.. HEY! SNAPSHOT IT!
Gaming with edin
Gaming with edin 4 dagen geleden
Gesho 4 dagen geleden
Zaymari Figueroa
Zaymari Figueroa 4 dagen geleden
“It looks like my ex girlfriend” Quote from a Genius
Uthenoob_boi 4 dagen geleden
Nobody: Flamingo the start of every videos: 4:03
Ty Corino
Ty Corino 4 dagen geleden
I've been playing afk arena for a while now and I'm at player level 90 chapter 12 and I have 2 level 165 heros
Dominic Lopez
Dominic Lopez 4 dagen geleden
Bruh faze Jarvis did this
GraniteStorm820 4 dagen geleden
3:28 that face when u get beans and milk omfg
TheBluePie 4 dagen geleden
1:36 that flower looks like something else.... And I don't wanna know what it looks like
Gavin Lowery
Gavin Lowery 4 dagen geleden
Wasteful 👎
Yajiho 4 dagen geleden
That water should make him happy it cleans the clam juice off of him
brooklyn Marie
brooklyn Marie 4 dagen geleden
Jarne Baert
Jarne Baert 4 dagen geleden
Trent is chating
William Xpx
William Xpx 4 dagen geleden
I only saw ca 30 buttons not 100 or else i am blind
sumu boi
sumu boi 4 dagen geleden
So no shutout To dangie bros??
Raging Gamer
Raging Gamer 4 dagen geleden
I like that when Trent put his jello in the cup he spit out twice the amount he put it😂
Tyller Boyd
Tyller Boyd 3 dagen geleden
I know right he cheated tho that’s not allowed
Vortex 11711
Vortex 11711 4 dagen geleden
So glad I'm not the only one that noticed that lol
John Sullivan
John Sullivan 4 dagen geleden
The first unlock I thought it said a rock and i was terrified for a second
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi 4 dagen geleden
Fff faze rug
David Hammon
David Hammon 4 dagen geleden
do 100 layers of plastic
Poopy Loop
Poopy Loop 4 dagen geleden
@dangiebros someone steeling your vids you gonna take that
Eliana Penafiel
Eliana Penafiel 4 dagen geleden
He did not even showt out out the dangle bros
Ifayori Roach
Ifayori Roach 4 dagen geleden
why do you look like a clown
Bo7mody7 5 dagen geleden
Jonathan Doschadis
Jonathan Doschadis 5 dagen geleden
Didn’t faze rug make this vid first
Louis Dobson
Louis Dobson 5 dagen geleden
All you have to do to is get a picture of Trent topless and then you get a lot of views
gaming time yo
gaming time yo 5 dagen geleden
This might sound weird but I'm from akinator
Gentikoule Tasos
Gentikoule Tasos 5 dagen geleden
Nathan 5 dagen geleden
Does justin heart comments?
Davids Auzins
Davids Auzins 5 dagen geleden
Sweat Pl
Sweat Pl 5 dagen geleden
100 buttons more like 10
Ricky Kelly
Ricky Kelly 5 dagen geleden
Can I be in your videos
Sussy baka
Sussy baka 5 dagen geleden
You should make mercy that says not the wall on it
Sussy baka
Sussy baka 5 dagen geleden
Wilter Joy Dturao
Wilter Joy Dturao 5 dagen geleden
Is this Dangie Bros.?
Amie Downing
Amie Downing 5 dagen geleden
No offense
fake Linkmon99
fake Linkmon99 5 dagen geleden
4:53 🤣
Mr. Gamer
Mr. Gamer 5 dagen geleden
every one is coping dangi bros even dtinus
Wolfy Animations
Wolfy Animations 5 dagen geleden
Ooo green water
Eam Batiquin
Eam Batiquin 5 dagen geleden
Dangie bros already did this
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