Can You Destroy A Real Knights Armor? 

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23 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin 4 maanden geleden
subscribe because we're going hard for 2021 😎
The bosskids
The bosskids Maand geleden
Oh yeah
ADHD Chaos Energy
ADHD Chaos Energy 2 maanden geleden
fun fact, knights would actually use blunt weapons on other knights.
odog the bulldog
odog the bulldog 2 maanden geleden
@Muhd Mursyid you little beggar
Callie Peterson
Callie Peterson 2 maanden geleden
Build a castle
Brody Reaves
Brody Reaves 2 maanden geleden
Shadows on fire
Shadows on fire 16 uur geleden
megan Berry
megan Berry Dag geleden
The arrow tips you have hunting tips we use it for hunting
Clayton Parrish
Clayton Parrish 3 dagen geleden
Start a castle
EAGER AMOGASAKTI 5 dagen geleden
Wheres Tren?
Aditya Nair
Aditya Nair 6 dagen geleden
i subed
Enhalo ex
Enhalo ex 6 dagen geleden
Leave it to Dustin to ruin history and still make it funny
Katie Wade
Katie Wade 7 dagen geleden
is the armor made out of metal ok steel i like your new merch SOOUUUWEEEE
Beast 0982
Beast 0982 8 dagen geleden
I have the same helmet 😃
Catherine Zerhusen
Catherine Zerhusen 9 dagen geleden
you should of got trent for giant troll
Buddy Bair
Buddy Bair 10 dagen geleden
I like your armor
MrMonkeyManiac 12 dagen geleden
storm the castle
XEdition StarWars
XEdition StarWars 12 dagen geleden
He probably spent like 1000 dollars on the armor and he destroys it.😢
Lettieri Saverio
Lettieri Saverio 13 dagen geleden
He became trent
Andrew Leonard
Andrew Leonard 14 dagen geleden
Storm the CASTLE!!!!
Ethan Huang
Ethan Huang 16 dagen geleden
Storm the castle
Samuel Long
Samuel Long 17 dagen geleden
Samuel Long
Samuel Long 17 dagen geleden
I subbed!!
Kristian Tumber
Kristian Tumber 18 dagen geleden
Yahya Matin
Yahya Matin 21 dag geleden
Make a vid with trent in an armor
CJgamer 23 dagen geleden
Storm the castle
Oh yeah Atm
Oh yeah Atm 23 dagen geleden
Storm the castle
Summer StoneChild
Summer StoneChild 27 dagen geleden
ya dark knight
Ee Hong Chuah
Ee Hong Chuah 28 dagen geleden
em is it just me? or were they really targeting the section under the belt lol
Maxim Gurevith
Maxim Gurevith 28 dagen geleden
Storm the castal
Nathan Le
Nathan Le 28 dagen geleden
Dustin should make a razor blade wall
This be Me
This be Me 28 dagen geleden
have fun storming the castle
WilliDoes 28 dagen geleden
STORM THE CASTLE!!! Also, anyone else agree that Trent should have been wearing the armour
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza 29 dagen geleden
storm the castle
Jeff Fredline
Jeff Fredline 29 dagen geleden
The armor is fine but if a person was in that they with dislocate their nose and their shoulder
Daniel Da Rosa
Daniel Da Rosa Maand geleden
The merciful knight conceivably lick because australian affectively push per a obese blow. scientific, deafening behavior
Matt the Clasher
Matt the Clasher Maand geleden
ZHAN MEI Maand geleden
12:30 pickaxes are made to breach through rock, metal etc
incooperate dogo
incooperate dogo Maand geleden
even with the armor getting hit i nthe nuts would hurt
Eliswap Maand geleden
Eadinize Maand geleden
yo they got like the cheapest armor sets they could get
The craftsman guild
The craftsman guild Maand geleden
You don’t break a shield you avoid it
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Maand geleden
Eddy Gonzalez
Eddy Gonzalez Maand geleden
tis but a scratch i can still fight!
Needadh Malla
Needadh Malla Maand geleden
Thunderdiaper Maand geleden
Imaginary if Trent was here he would have bent that armour like aluminium
Just the J-Bomb
Just the J-Bomb Maand geleden
Form the castle
Alexander the Wolf
Alexander the Wolf Maand geleden
In your next video, how about "Storming the Castle
JackFilms ;.;
JackFilms ;.; Maand geleden
12:52 don’t fight dragons kids
dracus6977 s
dracus6977 s Maand geleden
Storm the castle and have trent in armor
ReseArt 775
ReseArt 775 Maand geleden
Storm the castle
Victor Contreras
Victor Contreras Maand geleden
FBI open up
Halo Master Cheif
Halo Master Cheif Maand geleden
Storm the castle
Jake Fox
Jake Fox Maand geleden
Bruh someone helped you over the wall come on literally can see them pushing your feet over
Skelo Dud
Skelo Dud Maand geleden
No 3:39
odins 1999 heathen
odins 1999 heathen Maand geleden
I am confused on why you have four different sets of armor you have scale with chainmail plated armor and a italian head set
Cameron Cudney
Cameron Cudney Maand geleden
The poor manikin
Russian Gamer
Russian Gamer Maand geleden
Justin Gu
Justin Gu Maand geleden
nobody would ever rob Dustin's house
HellStorm Maand geleden
We need trent to wear this with a warhammer to crush everyone
Wesley Zani
Wesley Zani Maand geleden
VenomJTT Maand geleden
dustin looks hilarious in that helmet lol
Michal Fossati
Michal Fossati Maand geleden
Trent would do so much damge with the armor.
savelgravel Maand geleden
yunno theres a hulkbuster suit for iron man this is the trent buster suit for dustin
Noah Bautista
Noah Bautista Maand geleden
Lul most people back then would’ve attacked under the flaps on the sides of the helmet or in between the segments in the armor
Malara Hedeki
Malara Hedeki Maand geleden
105 pounds? A historical set weights like 60 or 70 pounds lol.
Scott Hiszem
Scott Hiszem Maand geleden
No cones in medieval times
Scott Hiszem
Scott Hiszem Maand geleden
He’s right
Ahad Mohammed
Ahad Mohammed Maand geleden
serpint Maand geleden
Just remember guys full plate is immune to slashing and disadvantage on Dex checks
Alex Dokonaly
Alex Dokonaly Maand geleden
I hope they do realize, they were trying to avoid hitting the shield.
Alan Schmidt
Alan Schmidt Maand geleden
Test a gun on it
Scott Hiszem
Scott Hiszem Maand geleden
Storm the castle
Icy_Fire Maand geleden
dont look up what ever you do
DeathSTrider Maand geleden
all the guys watching this are scaered
Karmactia79 Maand geleden
Where is his gamberson?
Dalisa Santiago
Dalisa Santiago Maand geleden
Trent with a sword and a shield vs dustin vs eric vs jermey would be epic
Zephan Chance
Zephan Chance Maand geleden
storm the castle
plane crazy helicopter builder
I love you vids
Wesley Zani
Wesley Zani Maand geleden
Ok but, where is Trent?
Michael McMaster
Michael McMaster Maand geleden
What’s the song at 10 minutes? Sounds lit
Your Average Bin Chicken
Mild steel or tempered steel?
tonypreet Maand geleden
Storm the castle plsssssssssssssssssssss
Mayfield Han
Mayfield Han Maand geleden
if the knight was fighting back. this would be much much MUCH harder
Heba Fahmy
Heba Fahmy Maand geleden
Storm the castle please build one
Jose Cota
Jose Cota 2 maanden geleden
“Storm the castle “
Ramadi Rama
Ramadi Rama 2 maanden geleden
Well it does not moving but meh super cooool
Alex Titlow
Alex Titlow 2 maanden geleden
storm the csatle
Zach Prior
Zach Prior 2 maanden geleden
I wanna see him do this with actual real armour
Death 2 maanden geleden
Storm the castel
Voltek the Cyborg
Voltek the Cyborg 2 maanden geleden
Well, that's more fantasy armor than anything. Real knight's breastplate was round and was on the waist and not the hips. Real knight's armor was also combined with riveted chainmail and padded armor like a gambeson. And that gladiator armor looks more like a Spartan breastplate. And the helmet is really off. And the gauntlets look Gothic in style. Oh, and real knight's armor was around 45-55 lbs. so 105 lbs. is really pushing it
ADHD Chaos Energy
ADHD Chaos Energy 2 maanden geleden
storm the castle
Analyn Mabagos
Analyn Mabagos 2 maanden geleden
Storm the castle
Becket Bernier
Becket Bernier 2 maanden geleden
Harold Bryant
Harold Bryant 2 maanden geleden
storm the castle
William Jackson
William Jackson 2 maanden geleden
Do I was a joy for all playlist
MINI BEAST 2 maanden geleden
storn the castle
Junior my pet Turtle
Junior my pet Turtle 2 maanden geleden
*kids attacks armor, MISS * dustin:NOT THE WALL!
Shizu 2 maanden geleden
I used to be an adventurer like you, but then i took part in Dustins video
jojukeran 2 maanden geleden
storm the castle
E 2 maanden geleden
*Drink tea with me dustin*
Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas 2 maanden geleden
Zack is a slippery man
Christian Costopoulos
Christian Costopoulos 2 maanden geleden
👌 👍 ✅ ok
Christy Linkiewicz
Christy Linkiewicz 2 maanden geleden
The walls: Well... at least it was the shield because I AM DONE WITH BEING HIT 😂
Gjergj Nikprelaj
Gjergj Nikprelaj 2 maanden geleden
it's not a JustDustin video if he doesn't wear a hat am I right?????
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