Dumpster Diving To Build The Best Weapon 

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7 nov. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin 7 maanden geleden
Subscribe or else you'll have bad luck forever.... now click this link
Shane Church
Shane Church 9 dagen geleden
kainen rowinsky
kainen rowinsky 17 dagen geleden
Same Kiro
Mobile gamer
Mobile gamer 17 dagen geleden
I subbed
Sparton Gaming
Sparton Gaming 2 maanden geleden
Chris=Zach MRBEAST=Just Dustin Chandler=Jeremy Jack the Viking=Trent Karl=eric
HARDKAARE 3 maanden geleden
Bruh Bruh Bruh Bruh Bruh Bruh bruh
Caden Perry
Caden Perry 4 uur geleden
Bide 10 uur geleden
All these weapons are garbage I made a funny
Shane Blake
Shane Blake Dag geleden
Jeremy was hitting the steel wall with the cross bow but his arrow would have stood a better chance as a spear
nonkar 2 dagen geleden
does any body know that the the thing that smashed the melon was in the bottom of the dumpster
Jackson Lopez
Jackson Lopez 3 dagen geleden
Can I have two rims because I have a Ford truck and missing two wheels Can you send me those
Zaiden Flowers
Zaiden Flowers 3 dagen geleden
Dustin is weapon is trent soulmate
little cat face boi
little cat face boi 3 dagen geleden
If only Trent was there to swing dustin's weapon
David Schwingenschloegl
David Schwingenschloegl 6 dagen geleden
Hey just Justin where in canada do u live ( province)
Ice Garcia
Ice Garcia 6 dagen geleden
why are u guys wasting good rice ;-;
Gabriel Mora
Gabriel Mora 6 dagen geleden
When u run out of a buget
Tina Johnson
Tina Johnson 7 dagen geleden
Do you thank Trent would win with Justin‘s weapon
chupacabra 23
chupacabra 23 7 dagen geleden
I want to see Trent use dustans weapon
The WW Wizard
The WW Wizard 8 dagen geleden
we must revive the "not the wall" meme
The WW Wizard
The WW Wizard 8 dagen geleden
because im supporting breaking your wall you probably won't like this comment
Cory Levy
Cory Levy 9 dagen geleden
The icy nut hemodynamically preach because playground consequently blind on a thirsty page. piquant, dangerous pansy
hojcuko mamikgiq
hojcuko mamikgiq 9 dagen geleden
The juicy attempt genomically battle because math commercially label except a succinct diaphragm. boiling, needy storm
Bobby Whitaker
Bobby Whitaker 9 dagen geleden
Make not the wall merch
Unstoppable4923 12 dagen geleden
william Lin
william Lin 13 dagen geleden
Trent be like that my weapon.
Merp Derp
Merp Derp 13 dagen geleden
From 5:03 to 5:15, zach kinda sounded like the dragon priest in the "senile scribbles" videos. Im just saying.
Unicornz_2002 Gaming
Unicornz_2002 Gaming 15 dagen geleden
He looks like baby shark
kainen rowinsky
kainen rowinsky 17 dagen geleden
I subed
Crazy A
Crazy A 19 dagen geleden
Everyone to Trent is weak but him GODZILLA
Ray Rs
Ray Rs 20 dagen geleden
I’m pretty sure Jeremy’s CRAZY 🤣
NF follower
NF follower 21 dag geleden
and the wall
Roman Bear
Roman Bear 22 dagen geleden
janessa Nunley
janessa Nunley 26 dagen geleden
we're the hell is trent
CHOW CHI HOI [5D06]周致愷
bro such a waste of rice especially for an asian like ME
Wanda Collinsfhte
Wanda Collinsfhte 27 dagen geleden
The doubtful onion prenatally count because myanmar thoracically punch above a knowledgeable turn. apathetic, hapless bowl
Lennox Griffin
Lennox Griffin 27 dagen geleden
the shark is baby shark
bill aiken
bill aiken 28 dagen geleden
The mindless cannon peripherally fax because william startlingly serve after a nosy claus. shut, hushed thermometer
Roman Bear
Roman Bear 28 dagen geleden
Joel ThePVPGamer
Joel ThePVPGamer 29 dagen geleden
Where’s Trent?
FlaccidPancake 29 dagen geleden
Zach as Kyle is my favorite part of this video
Roman Bear
Roman Bear 29 dagen geleden
goku Maand geleden
If I had that I would use that as a knife the one dustden had because I lift mountains
Zayden the pokemon fan Sanchez
8:05 water melon arnold
Normal Gregg playz
Normal Gregg playz Maand geleden
Dustin was happy because the wall didn’t break
Left Chapter
Left Chapter Maand geleden
The dead reminder characteristically clear because ravioli intialy imagine despite a lame windscreen. round, elastic ukraine
Debreczeni Árpád
Debreczeni Árpád Maand geleden
I like to dig construction/office renovation bins
ME AND MR BEAN Maand geleden
ጋቿዪቿጠሃ ቻዐሁክዕ ፕዘቿ ነፕዐየ ነጎኗክ ጎክ ፕዘቿ ፕዪልነዘ ነዐ ሃቿልዘ
Owen Luessen
Owen Luessen Maand geleden
at 3:00 when zack is about to hit the bag with his weapon an ad pops up and i just wanna say that’s a perfectly timed ad right there
Manilyne Maand geleden
Give the axe too trent
No one
No one Maand geleden
Imagine minding your own business and you see a bunch of Canadians dumpster diving with cameras
OPK_sauceyn1nja Maand geleden
Homeless people typing...
Boris Hiroya Takata
Boris Hiroya Takata Maand geleden
Where's Trent??
Wilburgotpunched Maand geleden
The melonator
Crystal Blankley
Crystal Blankley Maand geleden
zaks wepon is the best wepon becus zacs wepon did not brak
Nat Tilley
Nat Tilley Maand geleden
vessis are $130
ordinary memer
ordinary memer Maand geleden
As an Asian, I'm offended of him beating the rice
UberGamer 01
UberGamer 01 Maand geleden
2:55 the Term you are looking for is Foucault Pendulum
Ruby Marriner
Ruby Marriner Maand geleden
The shark i s from baby shark hahhahahahahaha
Bill Cypher
Bill Cypher Maand geleden
16:14 HERE'S JOHNY!!!!
Meemo Hassan
Meemo Hassan Maand geleden
Zach had to bitch
Meemo Hassan
Meemo Hassan Maand geleden
How the hell did Eric win
Raymond Sanchez
Raymond Sanchez Maand geleden
dustin has a trent sized weapon
Silvia Tsetsekas
Silvia Tsetsekas Maand geleden
Not the shoe 👟👟
urijah chan
urijah chan Maand geleden
Shamima Akhter
Shamima Akhter Maand geleden
They should've thrown out their best weapons so they can take it.
Syamsul Arief
Syamsul Arief Maand geleden
Not the riiice
Law MVS Maand geleden
Me as an Asian I am glad Zach didn’t waste the rice
Sadiki Martin
Sadiki Martin Maand geleden
Dustin's tool just friking breaked when he threw it
Faith Anstey
Faith Anstey Maand geleden
Dustin just needs to take the dry wall out of the trash to fix his wall. Haha. 🤣
Hatim Elzubair
Hatim Elzubair Maand geleden
Getting weapons from dumpster diving is literally how to survive the apocalypse
oog meloog
oog meloog Maand geleden
whats the first song to pop in ur head when u see that shark... baaae beeeee shark do do, do do do do🎶🤣
عمر الالكتروني
Dustin why are you always wearing black
EOD Juggernaut
EOD Juggernaut 2 maanden geleden
Why he’s doing this: lack of money, needing supplies. Need money from videos b o o m
Hagan 2 maanden geleden
0:17 Zach Lookin Like A Missing Person
Helmet Talk
Helmet Talk 2 maanden geleden
Im waiting for merch that says "NOT THE WALL!"
John Puckett
John Puckett 2 maanden geleden
That’s aluminum it’s not as strong as steel
shotiko iobashvili
shotiko iobashvili 2 maanden geleden
Dustin sayis all video don't broke wall bro i'm honest dustin they are breaking wall XD
shotiko iobashvili
shotiko iobashvili 2 maanden geleden
Oh god eric h-has so sharp weapon all day dude
littlev8000 2 maanden geleden
Um the shoes got everdry
Wilburgotpunched 2 maanden geleden
Zach is my favorites
lisek Brałlstars
lisek Brałlstars 2 maanden geleden
Aj lov szark😭
Logan Richardson
Logan Richardson 2 maanden geleden
Best Unbreakable Piñata video???
Kylie Clay
Kylie Clay 2 maanden geleden
His weapon turns him in to justis dustinis
franz unger
franz unger 2 maanden geleden
I like how he lives in canada and uses American money
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 2 maanden geleden
I remember all of your old videos
Hunter Asbury
Hunter Asbury 2 maanden geleden
iamrobloxgamer1230 2 maanden geleden
Where's Trent
Andrew Gratton
Andrew Gratton 2 maanden geleden
trent trent trent trent trent trent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GEORGE ALAYEV 2 maanden geleden
Christofer Fulford
Christofer Fulford 2 maanden geleden
The loose potato unsurprisingly try because niece reilly plug following a parsimonious rhythm. erratic, fast knowledge
OFF'S RAICHU 2 maanden geleden
You are wasting the food too much
Tyler Lazatin
Tyler Lazatin 2 maanden geleden
i clicked the link
Tyler Lazatin
Tyler Lazatin 2 maanden geleden
i subbed
Tyler Lazatin
Tyler Lazatin 2 maanden geleden
r u homeless
Tyler Lazatin
Tyler Lazatin 2 maanden geleden
jk sos
OLD SHOOL RAP 2 maanden geleden
Erics weapon was the best
E 2 maanden geleden
*Drink tequila with me dustin*
Gage Sieracki
Gage Sieracki 2 maanden geleden
Kyle kinda annoys me...
Lightning Blade
Lightning Blade 2 maanden geleden
Says the shark looks like 69s chain me 👁 👁 👄
Celeste Hoffman
Celeste Hoffman 2 maanden geleden
Show me them I love your videos I want one of your weapons my house number is 406 Hartley Street and my phone number is 708 heart rate Street my my dad phone number is 708 my my phone number is my phone number is for for 40 7
Jace Farmer
Jace Farmer 2 maanden geleden
That’s trents weapon
Gamerkillergg45 2 maanden geleden
Dude these can be good zombie weapons
Kylen Bennett
Kylen Bennett 2 maanden geleden
Giorno Giovanni
Giorno Giovanni 2 maanden geleden
The blade Dustin had look like odm gear blades
Turtle God
Turtle God 2 maanden geleden
9:29 how did he miss
Harrisphera 2 maanden geleden
1:59 4 months later and we still get NOT THE WALL!
Colter Dunfee
Colter Dunfee 2 maanden geleden
Jeramy : the meloneater 😂
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