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9 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin Reacts
JustDustin Reacts 5 maanden geleden
Subscribe to me plz
Eve Elasick
Eve Elasick 2 dagen geleden
Eve Elasick
Eve Elasick 2 dagen geleden
Trey Forster
Trey Forster 2 dagen geleden
@Bob Burns hjh
alfredo valentino
alfredo valentino 3 dagen geleden
Isaac Mahlich
Isaac Mahlich Uur geleden
Bro Zach made his weapon then sold it online then re bought it lol
Vlogs from Rafael Sanchez
Your the beat youtuber thanks for making us smile and laugh
ethan josh gonzales
ethan josh gonzales 3 dagen geleden
I will vote eric and trent
galang surya
galang surya 5 dagen geleden
Trent my favourite , he actually doesnt need a weapon lol
Lukas Skuratko
Lukas Skuratko 6 dagen geleden
put 100 layers of drywall on your wall
Westin and Karson The baseball pros
Just line x you’re warehouse
Alexander Perez
Alexander Perez 17 dagen geleden
Hamidpanah1 18 dagen geleden
I don't like zack
The RedArmyBruh
The RedArmyBruh 19 dagen geleden
If zachs weapon had giant axe heads instead of blades it would be very effective
Connor Reynolds
Connor Reynolds 20 dagen geleden
Zach did awesome his weapon is cool
Chris D
Chris D 20 dagen geleden
Sheezus. Trent could have gotten through that drywall with a damn pillow. What are they feeding this man? Other men?
Sadiki Martin
Sadiki Martin 24 dagen geleden
Trent one hitted it
BROOKLYN OLSON Maand geleden
the ball got knocked out
BROOKLYN OLSON Maand geleden
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Maand geleden
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Patrick Gerardo
Patrick Gerardo Maand geleden
it for kill people
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming Maand geleden
Trent jus likes breaking stuff
Cesar Romero
Cesar Romero Maand geleden
Eric. Hit us with the zoolander reference
Devan Staggs
Devan Staggs Maand geleden
Trent vs jake the Viking from mr beast
Devan Staggs
Devan Staggs Maand geleden
@JustDustin I agree but I say we put it to the test
JustDustin Maand geleden
I love Jake, but Trent alllll day long
Erick Araujo
Erick Araujo Maand geleden
Trent just one shots everything 😂😂😂
Armando Blanco-Naranjo
9:44 Turkeys? XD
deez nuts!
deez nuts! Maand geleden
What's the music called in the back ground
ISAAC HUFFMAN Maand geleden
i mean zack probly byed his weapon online like the parts
Ace the panther
Ace the panther Maand geleden
Some of those bike helmets were definitely stronger than the others the green one or take a professional skateboard helmet while the others seem like they’re made out of flimsy plastic
Max Aguilera
Max Aguilera Maand geleden
You should put 100 layers of dry wall do when someone hits THE WALL you just take it off so boom your wall is fixed.
Jay Garza
Jay Garza Maand geleden
Jeramy really crit the helmet 😂
EvilXhar Maand geleden
2:49 cow
battle cats tutorials
battle cats tutorials Maand geleden
Who got this reference 8:30
Blu_kitten 2.0
Blu_kitten 2.0 Maand geleden
Video idea- try to break into a abandoned house the twist is, if you dont win, you have to face your fear
chucky chese
chucky chese Maand geleden
Dustin:don't break the walls Every one else:........break the walls
GSS ShortsYT
GSS ShortsYT Maand geleden
You guys are my favorite you tubers I watched and subbed Spence the beginning of just-Dustin you guys are the best!
Corrinne Holbert
Corrinne Holbert Maand geleden
Give Trent a sledge hammer an hour and he will destroy a city
Lalbiakzama Lalbiakzama
Zach is the worst in mob farms.
Maya Barnaby
Maya Barnaby Maand geleden
Eric you should name the thing the blue reaper
Talyn Tande
Talyn Tande Maand geleden
I’m surprised that Trent did not get a sledge
Clash Gaming
Clash Gaming Maand geleden
Merry Weather
Merry Weather Maand geleden
Eric:hits air jermy: NOT THERECAIR
Lim Kee Chee
Lim Kee Chee 2 maanden geleden
Lim Kee Chee
Lim Kee Chee 2 maanden geleden
Jeremy's weapon is basically a light weight sledge hammer ya can swing quickly
Naxtrix Gaming
Naxtrix Gaming 2 maanden geleden
eric broke coconut so how come Jeremy get bad gold ball but eric good golden ball
Khaild Ibrahim
Khaild Ibrahim 2 maanden geleden
وبميميههؤتلى الله
Hagan 2 maanden geleden
why is bluesteel and barbara not in the videos?
Mazin Hassan
Mazin Hassan 2 maanden geleden
100 layers of dry wall
Vasco Matos
Vasco Matos 2 maanden geleden
Dust Dustin
Mr beast
Mr beast 2 maanden geleden
PLEASE put trent in all your videos
Elise Williams
Elise Williams 2 maanden geleden
10:45 Dustin said bad word
Shae Neely
Shae Neely 2 maanden geleden
Jeremy is my favourite person in the people that participate in the shower
Gamingwolfies 2 maanden geleden
What if they buy a gun?
Thebonecracker Ps4
Thebonecracker Ps4 2 maanden geleden
Bro and every single f ing video you’re in the way did out of the way
George bexter
George bexter 2 maanden geleden
You should let them buy anything they want online but they only have 20 minutes to find something
ROBEROUS gaming 2 maanden geleden
there was dust Because your name is DUSTin
E 2 maanden geleden
*Drink tea with me dustin*
Patrick, The Enlightened One
A wise man once said... *TSSSSSSS*
Spyhugh77 2 maanden geleden
DUSTIN: THATS NOT POSSIBLE me: that was zacks box so lol
Autumn Anin
Autumn Anin 2 maanden geleden
Monke Gamer
Monke Gamer 2 maanden geleden
Everytime they do slow motion it sounds like a cow lol
Brianna Wenande
Brianna Wenande 2 maanden geleden
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Connorated E
Connorated E 2 maanden geleden
The golden ball fell out for the shihiahdj weapon first hit so why’d he lose
Abubakar Rasool
Abubakar Rasool 2 maanden geleden
3:55 music?
Koen Besters
Koen Besters 2 maanden geleden
Justin: we should do 100 of dry wall Me: i was just about to ask that
Greyson Daily
Greyson Daily 2 maanden geleden
Video idea: everyone has to make a drywall and Dustin has to brake through them
Hagelmogel 2 maanden geleden
Its Justdustin bro
Hagelmogel 2 maanden geleden
Tony Boy
Tony Boy 2 maanden geleden
I love the slomotion
ZCR FedorA Lastnamea
ZCR FedorA Lastnamea 2 maanden geleden
Trent: is strong and nice Thanos: *hides in fear because he is about to be destroyed with a sledgehammer*
lol okay
lol okay 2 maanden geleden
how does he freak out about his ears when mental is hit but not wood, in my experience, a box of wood like that is so much louder than a metal box
lol okay
lol okay 2 maanden geleden
jeremy, this isnt minecraft lmao
ooo bbb
ooo bbb 2 maanden geleden
Enemy: we have an army JustDustin: we have trent *insert giornos theme*
Itachi_Uchiha 2 maanden geleden
9:48 what a Cute face never seen Trent like this :D
Athan 2 maanden geleden
During litteraly owns a NLblock about destruction and complains when people destroy the walls in a small confined warehouse 😆
Roanrooster 21
Roanrooster 21 2 maanden geleden
Here’s jeremy
btvv fhcr
btvv fhcr 2 maanden geleden
Parker Byrd
Parker Byrd 2 maanden geleden
trent is just like ohhhhhh Co Co NuT
Jambares 420
Jambares 420 2 maanden geleden
Ilija Rankovic
Ilija Rankovic 2 maanden geleden
5:29 the helmet litterally broke zach's weapon😂
sandy vaccaro
sandy vaccaro 2 maanden geleden
Maybe God I think you get a bat get a lot of Mercedes put it on the whole top and often gets spikes and put it on the bottom like this sticking up and after tried out it works you sip it to me Jackson my my dog is and I don't know but it's free a and if in Massachusetts and
sheesh 2 maanden geleden
Ali Ammar
Ali Ammar 2 maanden geleden
Is Zach spicekingcam from TikTok
Hëctör Trëjö
Hëctör Trëjö 2 maanden geleden
music background? 0:21 pls
Iszy Sonnentag
Iszy Sonnentag 2 maanden geleden
Zach got one you guys didn't see it
Manav 2 maanden geleden
No one: Trent: bArBaRa
Jumana Almanae
Jumana Almanae 2 maanden geleden
I love your videos so much
Barneyboy1125 2 maanden geleden
Here’s Jeremy
Andrew Batarseh
Andrew Batarseh 2 maanden geleden
Video Idea: everyone tries to make the unbreakable prison
Bacon Teen
Bacon Teen 2 maanden geleden
i miss trent
NATALI KLOKOVA 2 maanden geleden
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Sara Hillman
Sara Hillman 2 maanden geleden
Justin I subscribe’d and turned on the notifications to you:))))))))))))))
Gabby Asher
Gabby Asher 2 maanden geleden
Video idea: a hundred layers of drywall Video idea: everyone have to make the most unbreakable wall
airsnail 2 maanden geleden
You should try to break trough 100 layers of dry wall
Brysonvrthewrld 3 maanden geleden
Is this the Justin from Fortnite?????
Mobishop Lumi
Mobishop Lumi 3 maanden geleden
Lane Loveless
Lane Loveless 3 maanden geleden
Zack reminds me of my little brother
Gamingwith Roko
Gamingwith Roko 3 maanden geleden
ZOMBIE DEMON 3 maanden geleden
Good job 👏 X-man
James Deon
James Deon 3 maanden geleden
Did Trent play for the X-Men?
The puppet house Show
The puppet house Show 3 maanden geleden
Trent is super strong
The puppet house Show
The puppet house Show 3 maanden geleden
Trent will always win
norbix1710 3 maanden geleden
A4 is stealing your thumbnails
Jacob Weathers
Jacob Weathers 3 maanden geleden
So no one is going to talk about how they had $200 and spent 20 at max
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