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6 feb. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin 4 maanden geleden
subscribe and I'll cure your boredom forever...
robert carvell
robert carvell 10 dagen geleden
He has predicted the future...
Trinity B
Trinity B Maand geleden
I'm a big fan
VenTo 3 maanden geleden
Okay well I subscribed a year ago so..
Taj Borovnik
Taj Borovnik 3 maanden geleden
Harsh Dragon
Harsh Dragon 3 maanden geleden
@Ronald Henry Serrano Jr. image begging
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 2 dagen geleden
That was hilarious
Wikus Bothma
Wikus Bothma 3 dagen geleden
Poor plants
Pamela Lucas
Pamela Lucas 4 dagen geleden
666 dislikes the devil is here
Liam M Bustin
Liam M Bustin 4 dagen geleden
What did the plants ever do
Matthew DeMarsh
Matthew DeMarsh 5 dagen geleden
Wish you recorded the cleanup after lmao I'd hire somone
Trace Kennedy
Trace Kennedy 7 dagen geleden
Best way to get release rage
randy Brasher
randy Brasher 7 dagen geleden
I would like to see a compilation of not the wall that would be so entertaining to me XD
Gabriel Rinderle
Gabriel Rinderle 9 dagen geleden
"worlds strongest woman" I'm dead 😂😂😂
BlueStorm51 10 dagen geleden
The amount of weapons dustin must have in his wall
Soxul's Channel
Soxul's Channel 17 dagen geleden
it is a grd fin lat trent and zac
Kabrina Wilson
Kabrina Wilson 26 dagen geleden
FreeByrd 26 dagen geleden
Lol best vid ever keep it up
Noor Sayed
Noor Sayed 29 dagen geleden
This video is literally every kids dream to To trash the house
Camie Oliver
Camie Oliver 29 dagen geleden
who new trent was such a softy
Typical Force
Typical Force Maand geleden
Ka’Votti Miller
Ka’Votti Miller Maand geleden
Trent broke the baby chair😂🤣😂🤣😂
DeadShot Gaming
DeadShot Gaming Maand geleden
Here is a new video idea. Who ever can break the most items wins ten thousand dollars, Trent vs Eric,Zach,and Jeremy.
Parker Plays
Parker Plays Maand geleden
Ah yes the axe 8:19
Jennifer Tullis
Jennifer Tullis Maand geleden
Due to trent this video is disable
ll_eatmyrxckets_ll Maand geleden
No one gonna talk about the key that was hanging and no one took it
Nick Hoemann
Nick Hoemann Maand geleden
Mason Dillon
Mason Dillon Maand geleden
so a normal video of just dustin but everything is load but him
May Chan
May Chan Maand geleden
When you forget your keys at home
Landon Mosley
Landon Mosley Maand geleden
Not the bear
Scott Hiszem
Scott Hiszem Maand geleden
At least da excavator is safe
Scott Hiszem
Scott Hiszem Maand geleden
Not da toys
Bradley Charlton
Bradley Charlton Maand geleden
0:57 LOL
Manuel Acevedo
Manuel Acevedo Maand geleden
Can we pleeezzzz get a “Not The Wall!!!!” Compilation
Kyle Marcus
Kyle Marcus Maand geleden
They are murdering me PLANTS
TheNewRuler Maand geleden
i dont know why but dustin sounded like mickey mouse when the guys slammed the table into the ground
Jarell Clark
Jarell Clark 2 maanden geleden
Do more or these but make it projectiles like a 🛡️, bow and arrow,spear and hard things like rock or metal ball
Kakó Demonz
Kakó Demonz 2 maanden geleden
8:20 axe jus did a looney tunes 😂
Grodey -_-
Grodey -_- 2 maanden geleden
It’s funny how in the start I think Jeremy slapped trent in the stomach and he laughed it out yet they’re all so scared of him
ProjectZero 2 maanden geleden
I had that same tv in my room but I also broke it. 😂
Baked Toaster strudel
Baked Toaster strudel 2 maanden geleden
I like how Dustin says he built this rage room,like his whole warehouse isn’t a rage room already😂😂😂
Legend_ 9365
Legend_ 9365 2 maanden geleden
This is the key to real life
Zap Zap
Zap Zap 2 maanden geleden
Melissa Wade
Melissa Wade 2 maanden geleden
Not the rage room wall!!!
Corey Higgins
Corey Higgins 2 maanden geleden
Not the wall!!!!!!!!!! 😭😘🦄💕❤️
Belinda Horton
Belinda Horton 2 maanden geleden
The salty nose generally drain because crime anteriorly melt opposite a wholesale glider. waggish, tidy david
E 2 maanden geleden
*Drink tea with me dustin*
Lisa Avila
Lisa Avila 2 maanden geleden
When braking something
Lisa Avila
Lisa Avila 2 maanden geleden
I really want see Trent say Trent SMASH
Semesi Makrava
Semesi Makrava 2 maanden geleden
Did anyone see the key hanging in dustins and zacks rage room
Wesley loves lizards
Wesley loves lizards 2 maanden geleden
4:06 today on Just Dustin we're going act like Logan Paul and break some plates
Kene 2 maanden geleden
find the keys
Raymond Fessler
Raymond Fessler 2 maanden geleden
Like the rock it doesn't matter what the rock said
LKKeNn 2 maanden geleden
0:55-0:60 had me dyin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nebula - Grand Cross
Nebula - Grand Cross 2 maanden geleden
0:57 lol
The Pro resen pro
The Pro resen pro 2 maanden geleden
HALLAH85 2 maanden geleden
Elizabeth Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis 2 maanden geleden
Alternate name for this video :"Trent hurts himself and the " rage room walll" for 15 minutes
Elizabeth Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis 2 maanden geleden
Alternate name for this video :"Trent hurts himself and the " rage room walll" for 15 minutes
Smudge 2 maanden geleden
"Whats next?" Pig toy noises
Persival __109
Persival __109 2 maanden geleden
0:42 When Trent loses to himself at checkers games
V3NIZIO 2 maanden geleden
Love the way Jeremy says “NOT THE WALL”
TheGamingDelta 2.0
TheGamingDelta 2.0 2 maanden geleden
The iconic line in NLblock history "NOT THE WALL" *CHANGE MY MIND*
Clinton Scharfe
Clinton Scharfe 2 maanden geleden
Mom walks in every boddy blame it on Eric
Clinton Scharfe
Clinton Scharfe 2 maanden geleden
Or Dustin
doodlebob pencilpants
doodlebob pencilpants 2 maanden geleden
Me:*watches this Me seeing room being wrecked:this room calls to me
Darrius Edwards
Darrius Edwards 2 maanden geleden
You should make Merch that’s says not the walls or not the...
Yd Hsms
Yd Hsms 2 maanden geleden
Yd Hsms
Yd Hsms 2 maanden geleden
lol okay
lol okay 2 maanden geleden
8:19 can we appreciate how good this axe throw was and that it might be the cleanest hes actually ever done
Travis Curran
Travis Curran 2 maanden geleden
I love how Trent has become so much more friendly and talkative. He is like an actual friend rather than a guy they used for one video
Xavier Fletcher-Syvret
Xavier Fletcher-Syvret 2 maanden geleden
Please make more videos like this they are the best everyone likes Trent in your videos
Casual Beach
Casual Beach 2 maanden geleden
This video needs an "oh my god" counter
Scout 3 maanden geleden
5/5 stars. My house got a wonderful design and i love the extra decorations left on the floor!
Time Lapse Channel Gaming
Time Lapse Channel Gaming 3 maanden geleden
5:04 not the rage room wall lol
Egirlsidk 3 maanden geleden
Just me or do those rooms actually seem like the perfect 🍃💨 spots
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 3 maanden geleden
The amount of money and clean up per video
Talles Frank man
Talles Frank man 3 maanden geleden
I have d this sofa
jorge vega
jorge vega 3 maanden geleden
0:57 to be continued------>
pop smoke
pop smoke 3 maanden geleden
The camera man said omg like 100 times😂
AnnoyingK1dWasSpotted 3 maanden geleden
Blame it one Eric.
Karen Diaz
Karen Diaz 3 maanden geleden
NoT tHe RaGe RoOm WaLl
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff 3 maanden geleden
Ok Dustin I will
Swaffi 3 maanden geleden
I Have mr beast vibes watching this vid keep up with the grind
Ghostify 3 maanden geleden
Lol So Funny When Trent Broke The Chair
maria clarke
maria clarke 3 maanden geleden
Do more slow motion
shadow thumbull
shadow thumbull 3 maanden geleden
Justdustin loves to give hints i sure
Sub to me I'll sub to you
Sub to me I'll sub to you 3 maanden geleden
ive been subed to u sice 2k keep up the good werk
Carson 3 maanden geleden
Nobody: Trent: throws couch across a room and making it look like it weighs like nothing*
Henryeet1234 3 maanden geleden
This seems so fun
Pak Hunter
Pak Hunter 3 maanden geleden
i love how trent has become a part of this chanel
sherri wilson
sherri wilson 3 maanden geleden
The earsplitting sentence logically wonder because men rationally argue after a holistic burst. fantastic, gorgeous soccer
Skid & Pump
Skid & Pump 3 maanden geleden
0:57 rip trent
nelson home
nelson home 3 maanden geleden
I think the pigs r his ex lol or lego bucket
Lil Oofer
Lil Oofer 3 maanden geleden
5:24 Trent 😂😂😂😂😂
Lorenzo Bisante
Lorenzo Bisante 3 maanden geleden
Rip trents balls 🥺😭
Devilish 3 maanden geleden
Is no one gonna talk about 8:20 when he threw an axe straight thru the wall 🤣
BROOKLYN OLSON 3 maanden geleden
your the strongest woman
BROOKLYN OLSON 3 maanden geleden
and that was a nice table, trent DESTROYED that couch
Shawn Chambes
Shawn Chambes 3 maanden geleden
The guarded jellyfish additionly radiate because cart evolutionarily rejoice versus a different scraper. tense, absorbing person
Rocket man
Rocket man 3 maanden geleden
14:30 damn Trent 😂💀
Breda Meehan
Breda Meehan 3 maanden geleden
ehm 14:08 look at the wood above dustins head XD its a key
Akari Dessaint
Akari Dessaint 3 maanden geleden
My name is Tommy and my moms name is Akari
king boss
king boss 3 maanden geleden
If I was doing that challenge i would be tgier to break stuff
kael rat man crowley
kael rat man crowley 3 maanden geleden
thats my couch
Stickius 3 maanden geleden
rage room is every 9 year olds dream
GalaxynoobPVP 3 maanden geleden
At the start in this rage room I hid 20 keys me if ur trying to no point you know were all the keys are
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