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15 mei. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin Maand geleden
Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Dedhd Ehehue
Dedhd Ehehue 3 dagen geleden
I like twins
ETHAN FORBIS 4 dagen geleden
@TheGameChannelDutch What
TheGameChannelDutch 4 dagen geleden
@LycanAtm e
TheGameChannelDutch 4 dagen geleden
周润琼 4 dagen geleden
-MrBird— James
-MrBird— James 4 uur geleden
Rizal Sungkar
Rizal Sungkar 17 uur geleden
Rizal Sungkar
Rizal Sungkar 17 uur geleden
10:09 COOL!!
The weirdest name
The weirdest name 18 uur geleden
3rd party mr beast
Holy Watah
Holy Watah 20 uur geleden
Tycoon in a nutshell:
Arthur a.k.a. ciumparlacul
9:50 Minecraft be like:
Lizette Reyes
Lizette Reyes Dag geleden
I love you Dustin
XD site
XD site Dag geleden
I can't be the only one who notices that Trent is better with the sledge than the jackhammer
Brayden Ender
Brayden Ender Dag geleden
5.8 I am 5.10
Yaboii yeeterson Peterson
Dude fr made a roblox simulator in lrl lmao
Liam Litton
Liam Litton Dag geleden
Not Fair at all to Trent
Poptart King Games
Poptart King Games Dag geleden
That was boba fett
remus5785 2 dagen geleden
Minecraft irl be like
BFF Gaming 4 Girls
BFF Gaming 4 Girls 2 dagen geleden
Johnathon Meade
Johnathon Meade 2 dagen geleden
Love Trent. He is so funny
Braden Edwards
Braden Edwards 2 dagen geleden
where did u get that helmet that trent uses i really want one
Adolfo Lopez
Adolfo Lopez 2 dagen geleden
Did they photoshopped Dustin's muscle when he flexed cause it king of like wiggled if you look
Matson Byrne
Matson Byrne 3 dagen geleden
Same thing but with gold not diamonds like last video.
Darkend 3 dagen geleden
trent is really op
Gabriel Camarillo
Gabriel Camarillo 3 dagen geleden
You should put a giant obsidian ball in a block of concrete
Khoa Tran
Khoa Tran 3 dagen geleden
With broken diamond
Khoa Tran
Khoa Tran 3 dagen geleden
If they break it do they not count?
Amanda Hardee
Amanda Hardee 3 dagen geleden
don't show what???
Josiah Garcia
Josiah Garcia 3 dagen geleden
What’s the six pack
Josiah Garcia
Josiah Garcia 3 dagen geleden
I know who is the strongest
katherinemurphy59 3 dagen geleden
omg it looks so good the steak and the ice cream
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 3 dagen geleden
Jude 123
Jude 123 4 dagen geleden
Justdustin: Trent the winner Me: like allways
Oliver McInnes
Oliver McInnes 4 dagen geleden
Give trent 30 s
周润琼 4 dagen geleden
4:49 fuck
Clayton Parrish
Clayton Parrish 4 dagen geleden
I love mining
Reksu? 4 dagen geleden
Eyy, Let's not " INVESTING AD "
Taha YT614
Taha YT614 4 dagen geleden
Balakay Mattay
Balakay Mattay 4 dagen geleden
Where do they get all this concrete
О.Батхаан 5 dagen geleden
Andjela Stojadinović
Andjela Stojadinović 5 dagen geleden
Minecraft villagers be like
Gavino Tolenada
Gavino Tolenada 5 dagen geleden
Git gud my matha
KARTER11 5 dagen geleden
When you showed your arm muscle curtains folded like he was using it out there like major arm look around
Sharon Carter
Sharon Carter 5 dagen geleden
I already know that Trent is going to win
Lonely Party Parrot
Lonely Party Parrot 5 dagen geleden
I wonder how they clean up the messes that they make
Hunter McFarling - EVES 2031
Justin you should do 100 layersBounty
Dulce martinez
Dulce martinez 5 dagen geleden
try to see how much views through his frist now vids 14 mil
Kourak 5 dagen geleden
Ngl minecraft Steve would have won
319english3 Student
319english3 Student 5 dagen geleden
319english3 Student
319english3 Student 5 dagen geleden
Titan YT
Titan YT 6 dagen geleden
Why do they act like Mr beast and his friends
Adam Dean
Adam Dean 6 dagen geleden
Me in Deep Rock Galactic.
Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper 6 dagen geleden
Hey Dustin, It's been all over the news that the investment market is currently progressive, also an investor on a business insider interview mentioned making over $81,350 within the past few weeks so as a beginner, I would really appreciate any tips or clues on how to make this much profit.
German Joseph
German Joseph 6 dagen geleden
@Mary cartwight You really sound like a professional in this field
Mary cartwight
Mary cartwight 6 dagen geleden
It's suitable risk management is aimed at reducing the loss rate thereby giving you the better chance to win your trade to ensure good profit in return
Mary cartwight
Mary cartwight 6 dagen geleden
@German Joseph Bitcoin investment just like every other form of speculative investment where you trade commodities to determine which gain or losses against another in other to make profits
German Joseph
German Joseph 6 dagen geleden
What really is the idea behind this bitcoin investment anyway, cause all I do is to buy when it falls and sell when it goes high hahaha.
Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper 6 dagen geleden
@Mary cartwight thanks for sharing her contact info should get to her right away.
slade 6 dagen geleden
Why does Dustin always cheat and give trent the advantage
Kathy McCord
Kathy McCord 6 dagen geleden
Vote trent for president of breaking things
INQUIRY GAMER 6 dagen geleden
Watch out A4 is watching
JustDustin 6 dagen geleden
Samuel Drake
Samuel Drake 6 dagen geleden
No more hugs eric! Eric: :(
TYLER BRAZINSKY 6 dagen geleden
Trent looks like my coach at school😎😎😎😎😎 i love trent
Vorpal Swords
Vorpal Swords 6 dagen geleden
is erek from pilipines
dirb 6 dagen geleden
Its been such a long time since ive seen u
Niko Nikito
Niko Nikito 7 dagen geleden
wow great video. :)
Gunza Going
Gunza Going 7 dagen geleden
Dustin spends days to see what he can break through I respect that! also what is the music in the background?
Ceassie campbell
Ceassie campbell 7 dagen geleden
I love the Video
Ace Walton
Ace Walton 7 dagen geleden
Nice video
Jaylord12766 Paragas
Jaylord12766 Paragas 7 dagen geleden
this is the first time I have heard the single mango
LE Ronnies left nut
LE Ronnies left nut 7 dagen geleden
The mr. beast of destruction
Liam Gaty
Liam Gaty 7 dagen geleden
eveytime dustin uploads a vid it feels like the 4th of july
Tino Breezo
Tino Breezo 7 dagen geleden
God loves you so much and so do I ✝️❤️
Frandier Jimenez
Frandier Jimenez 7 dagen geleden
First to tell mr beast to do this challenge win a 20,000 dollar gaming rig
Cosmic Paul
Cosmic Paul 7 dagen geleden
Hey JustDustin, keep it up man. Your videos are awesome and make my day. Don’t listen to the haters and the trolls. These are hard times right now and you should keep it up! Thanks man!
TABLE PLAYS 5 dagen geleden
u are a great person i would never usually comment something like that normally i would comment something like "no soap, radio"
Manny Vega
Manny Vega 8 dagen geleden
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Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez 8 dagen geleden
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Cousin Squad
Cousin Squad 8 dagen geleden
JaydenNGiselle Vasquez
JaydenNGiselle Vasquez 8 dagen geleden
They call me the wombo combo
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 8 dagen geleden
Damn that was Insane
Aiden Fitzgerald-Green
Aiden Fitzgerald-Green 9 dagen geleden
xxdevilboi982 9 dagen geleden
Lablackcat 9 dagen geleden
this is like the video First To Mine The Diamond, Keeps It
Da1&Only 9 dagen geleden
This is a little off topic but what hockey team are you rooting for in the playoffs
Ryan Connell 5150
Ryan Connell 5150 9 dagen geleden
Why do you keep calling it a "steel ball"?? It's a "shot" used for the track & field sport "shot put"
bronson wid
bronson wid 9 dagen geleden
Gloria Ramirez
Gloria Ramirez 9 dagen geleden
I love you videos I'm subscribed to every single video of yours justdustin
Jimmy Ebert
Jimmy Ebert 9 dagen geleden
The resonant pantry exemplarily meddle because page problematically join till a abashed onion. aromatic, tasty south america
yarden sharur
yarden sharur 9 dagen geleden
love your videos! keep making these satisfying videos!
Victor Benamer Jr
Victor Benamer Jr 10 dagen geleden
This guy should upload videos everyday
Darthmire-14 10 dagen geleden
Haven’t seen you in a while, Dustin.
Chips n' Netflix
Chips n' Netflix 10 dagen geleden
This video was made during the gold rush
Alex Trenhaile
Alex Trenhaile 10 dagen geleden
Make. A notary video like this video
Alex Trenhaile
Alex Trenhaile 10 dagen geleden
I love your video s
Zachariah Trammell
Zachariah Trammell 11 dagen geleden
Hey man where'd you get that mass that Trent is wearing I want to buy it
MrDarkTails V.2.0
MrDarkTails V.2.0 11 dagen geleden
How about these two big blocks made out of candy, and inside would be something like a prize till someone reaches to the goal? I would like to see that.
Jelly 11 dagen geleden
Rec room
Rec room 11 dagen geleden
Rec room
Rec room 11 dagen geleden
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali 11 dagen geleden
At 00:50 Eric was like a little puppy
Milo ultrous
Milo ultrous 12 dagen geleden
Loved these videos good work!
Dean Allen
Dean Allen 12 dagen geleden
My name is trent
Rita Theis
Rita Theis 12 dagen geleden
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Billiard Face
Billiard Face 12 dagen geleden
Dustin: One sledge hammer for Trent. Trent: 😄😄😄😄 Dustin: Next round. Trent: My disappointment is Immeasurable and my day is ruined.
Lillhawwa 5 dagen geleden
What time
ツ{•Saichi•} 12 dagen geleden
You know how much precious silver-gold you are throwing into a black hole?
professional Idiot
professional Idiot 12 dagen geleden
Yagiz Macit
Yagiz Macit 12 dagen geleden
i love video
Manny Vega
Manny Vega 12 dagen geleden
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Tonya Leist
Tonya Leist 13 dagen geleden
Go me $$$$$$$$$$$$
Emi Emiliu
Emi Emiliu 13 dagen geleden
Man your content is good but literally A4 takes all the ideas and gets more views and likes and the credit this should be ilegall
Mining 1,000,000 Blocks Alone!
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Weergaven 5 mln.
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see you soon
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