Giving $15,000 To Random People for Christmas 

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24 dec. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin 5 maanden geleden
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Dakoda Allphin
Dakoda Allphin 5 maanden geleden
Just doesn't I want to see a 100 layers of dirt video
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson 5 maanden geleden
Hey what happen to it’s ya boy and wolfie and everyone else get them in a amoungus game
Hayden Hacker
Hayden Hacker 5 maanden geleden
Matt Frank
Matt Frank 5 maanden geleden
@Lil Will beast did it a few years back.
AVI NAIR 5 maanden geleden
@Candy Eyes cuz the haters gonna hate hate hate hate
SharkThegamer 7 dagen geleden
NGL 5months late, kinda disappointed in myself, but hey. I can binge watch.
Zach 9 dagen geleden
God bless too everyone and merrycristmas
Brody Poulton
Brody Poulton 21 dag geleden
pov theres 1000$ in each box
Johnathan Paquette
Johnathan Paquette 28 dagen geleden
Also u can tell with dustbins face with Kayla and amanda
Johnathan Paquette
Johnathan Paquette 28 dagen geleden
Ye I can deaf a toy tell there’s money in each box
R Nation
R Nation Maand geleden
1:04 sheesh fr😂
Sierra Sanner
Sierra Sanner Maand geleden
I like how nice dustin is
Ren Dagger
Ren Dagger Maand geleden
Mr. Beast: hmm these are good kids I approve of kindness
DeathSpawn 2 maanden geleden
How generous you are is probably the biggest reason I love watching your channel. Don't get wrong I love all the content aswell but that generosity personality.
E 2 maanden geleden
*Drink tea with me dustin*
Alexis Aldaz
Alexis Aldaz 2 maanden geleden
Why was he showing them fluffy pillows every time he won rock paper scissors
VZ VANROZ 2 maanden geleden
Justdustin you nice giving people money merry christmas
Darth sidious
Darth sidious 2 maanden geleden
Trent couldn’t win with all of you on his back
Sean Llewellyn
Sean Llewellyn 3 maanden geleden
TacO man taco
TacO man taco 3 maanden geleden
I can't believe they just gave them Monopoly money
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming 3 maanden geleden
He’s like Mr. beast
MattWawa's ALT
MattWawa's ALT 3 maanden geleden
Funny Fact: all of the presents shown in this video had a thousand dollars in ut
agent 3 maanden geleden
He become Mrbeast
Wetocrazy Tv
Wetocrazy Tv 4 maanden geleden
The people at the end have a channel the one that was playing Rock Paper Scissors there channel is called kk squad
Wetocrazy Tv
Wetocrazy Tv 4 maanden geleden
I was in this video 😳
Wilma Wilson
Wilma Wilson 4 maanden geleden
😒 their is 1000 rollers in each thing
TheKingsWit 4 maanden geleden
Dustin u such a nice guy that was incredible man
Thomas McMahon
Thomas McMahon 4 maanden geleden
I always forget that they are from Canada and give away Canadian money. (Canada Rules)
Weird   videos
Weird videos 4 maanden geleden
You're flexing on me with my dream car car
That one Kid
That one Kid 4 maanden geleden
U5 4 maanden geleden
Ayo okay Max Jamie Ben representing Ottawa
蔡嘉豪 5 maanden geleden
We don’t have ‘tis in Taiwan I’m 14 I have too work 4h after school too help my mom 1000well help a lot for my project it is a special bicke
Jon Griffin
Jon Griffin 5 maanden geleden
As all the presents have money 🤣
DarkDarkness 420
DarkDarkness 420 5 maanden geleden
So amazing to see how far you have come dude.
Ian Shedron
Ian Shedron 5 maanden geleden
Yo does the king respond
JustDustin 4 maanden geleden
Ontario Archie
Ontario Archie 5 maanden geleden
I feel like he put 1,000 in all of the boxes so no matter what they get somthing
Brother Bear Gaming
Brother Bear Gaming 5 maanden geleden
Probably my favorite video I’ve seen
Mack Deschenes
Mack Deschenes 5 maanden geleden
Truly love seeing your videos of home thanks for making a difference, stuck in vancouver over the holidays sucks but I'll be back in Ottawa soon
DeadclawTV 5 maanden geleden
these videos are just great
Judah Risner
Judah Risner 5 maanden geleden
it was rigged dude common
E Fatan
E Fatan 5 maanden geleden
Bruh i think they put 1000$ in all of the boxes
Novak Micic
Novak Micic 5 maanden geleden
Bro I swear all the boxes had money not going to cap
Moshe Berkowitz
Moshe Berkowitz 5 maanden geleden
Hi Dustin can you make a video 100 layers of air heads that would be cool
MBS_ yeezy
MBS_ yeezy 5 maanden geleden
Mr beast??
theodore langhorne
theodore langhorne 5 maanden geleden
This is the reason i like these videos. It makes me happy
theodore langhorne
theodore langhorne 5 maanden geleden
Merry late Christmas
Rafael Sanchez
Rafael Sanchez 5 maanden geleden
you to:)
Phillip Riskowski
Phillip Riskowski 5 maanden geleden
Wear a mask
Dakoda Allphin
Dakoda Allphin 5 maanden geleden
Dakoda Allphin
Dakoda Allphin 5 maanden geleden
Dakoda Allphin
Dakoda Allphin 5 maanden geleden
I want to see a 100 layers of turp wall video
Dakoda Allphin
Dakoda Allphin 5 maanden geleden
Saucy 5 maanden geleden
YOUR CANADIAN SAME HERE i only realised cause i saw the money andrealised that it was the *AHEM*(not to brag at all but)the fireproof, water proof, and unripable AND rainbow CASH hehehe 🤣
Fiji Kusa
Fiji Kusa 5 maanden geleden
He lives in Ottawa
TECK_PLAYS 5 maanden geleden
supercharged kd
supercharged kd 5 maanden geleden
Thier was a 1000 dollars in each box so there was no wrong box
Marell31 Ally
Marell31 Ally 5 maanden geleden
im from the same city as you lol i recognized it
Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson 5 maanden geleden
Merry xmass
Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson 5 maanden geleden
Merry xmass
Edan Richter
Edan Richter 5 maanden geleden
shiii i didnt even know u from ottawa until i saw lansdowne and the other places. respect bro glad to see someone famous outta ott for once 🤞
Blazesone1 5 maanden geleden
we all know every present had a $1000 in it XD
Alessandro Papucci
Alessandro Papucci 5 maanden geleden
Preston Helnley
Preston Helnley 5 maanden geleden
they put money in all of the boxes
Lucas Malast
Lucas Malast 5 maanden geleden
Let's get Dustin the diamond playbutton everybody subscribe!
Random Person
Random Person 5 maanden geleden
Plot twist: he put money in all the boxes so everyone wins But fr, u need some metal plating on that wall
LaGaufretteDu05 5 maanden geleden
me : OMG they all win the gift: we all have 1000$ in
Komandir Cobalt
Komandir Cobalt 5 maanden geleden
This kid think he good no match for me
Komandir Cobalt
Komandir Cobalt 5 maanden geleden
Yes my max brotherin
Tim McKinney
Tim McKinney 5 maanden geleden
Now that is giving back!! Great Job Guys!!
Random dude
Random dude 5 maanden geleden
random people: does pushup TRENT: does pushup with dustin on back
Kr1st0 LeNa
Kr1st0 LeNa 5 maanden geleden
Hahahhaha this video has got 15k likes
Patrick Garvey
Patrick Garvey 5 maanden geleden
What kind of money is that
NinjaWinston77 Winston
NinjaWinston77 Winston 5 maanden geleden
Man I wish I could live in famous NLblockrs city
allan heward
allan heward 5 maanden geleden
because it looks like Canadian money that you're handing out
allan heward
allan heward 5 maanden geleden
I've been watching you for a long time are you Canadian
dawstheboss 5 maanden geleden
Great video bro loved watching!😂
Jake and Brady’s Channel
Jake and Brady’s Channel 5 maanden geleden
Canadian mr beast
Isaiah Jordan
Isaiah Jordan 5 maanden geleden
I bet this vid got copyrighted
twisted1 5 maanden geleden
I wanted a bronze tudor black bay for Xmas. Didnt get it :(
A.R.S 2990
A.R.S 2990 5 maanden geleden
Happy SoooooooWeeeeee Holidays Justin!!!
LOVE IS WAR 5 maanden geleden
Is that. Canadian money!?
JD F 5 maanden geleden
Malykie Lawver
Malykie Lawver 5 maanden geleden
Only true fans on for this what’s up it’s dusty
HAMZA 5 maanden geleden
Yes this is how MB started
Srikanth Narra
Srikanth Narra 5 maanden geleden
You should spray walls with linex and then just paint it so they look like normal walls
An absolute fool
An absolute fool 5 maanden geleden
He’s slowly turning into MrBeast 😂
Hussain Alshehabi
Hussain Alshehabi 5 maanden geleden
Savannah troupe
Savannah troupe 5 maanden geleden
SoeEEEEeEEEEE I think I spelled it wrong"-"
abaza biker and gamer.
abaza biker and gamer. 5 maanden geleden
Its a mirecal justdusten did not break any walls in this video and also you can break in to his warehouse you only need a pare of yeesys
Tyler Therriault
Tyler Therriault 5 maanden geleden
I hope you had a good Christmas Dustin you deserve it. Keep up your content... best on NLblock
Lil Taubs
Lil Taubs 5 maanden geleden
Canadian Mr. Beast
The_Endergod 5 maanden geleden
I know that not everyone celebrates christmas so happy holidays!!
Cj_yt 5 maanden geleden
Help Dustin to get 4.50million subs
slo jdm
slo jdm 5 maanden geleden
Merry Christmas to everyone 💙love u all
Lyka Pare
Lyka Pare 5 maanden geleden
Hope to win ❤️ Even if I only accept 5 dollars, I need money plsss Merry Christmas ❤️ thanks 😊
B1GMANN TH3 5 maanden geleden
Merry Christmas
Hayden Hacker
Hayden Hacker 5 maanden geleden
Good video justDustin
Sarah Gauthier
Sarah Gauthier 5 maanden geleden
He must not live in the United States cuz the money looks different
Feraz Owusu
Feraz Owusu 5 maanden geleden
If he doesn’t go to heaven
Mythical 7
Mythical 7 5 maanden geleden
Can u guys like idk come over to the UK or summit
User Name
User Name 5 maanden geleden
Jacob Schneider
Jacob Schneider 5 maanden geleden
Does Dustin still read all his comments?
JustDustin 5 maanden geleden
KING DEVIL TIGER 5 maanden geleden
Lol right when the first present of the video was opened I knew that all of them had money in it and if really love that u are helping ppl out during this hard time keep up the good work my man Dustin 😁😁😁😁😁😁
Ryan Dc
Ryan Dc 5 maanden geleden
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
Weergaven 8 mln.