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14 nov. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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JustDustin 7 maanden geleden
Visit to get 35% off your system + a free HD camera!
M16A4 18 dagen geleden
@Gavin Wolle no
M16A4 18 dagen geleden
@Tayden Diaz Morales he wont
M16A4 18 dagen geleden
@Jaxson and Nic they make fun of you because you beg for subs
M16A4 18 dagen geleden
@Mika Wittermans assassins creed?
M16A4 18 dagen geleden
@Tyler Blay no you spam the comments with that
why games
why games 13 uur geleden
the sword im pretty sure is called a wakizashi
Matt Hillman
Matt Hillman Dag geleden
That's what you get for breaking stuff with my big hammer
HellFire350 Dag geleden
Mini katana= wakasashi or companion sword
Smith Family
Smith Family 3 dagen geleden
get to 500k likes!!!
CreatingTooMuch YT
CreatingTooMuch YT 6 dagen geleden
9:07 if they are handmade (like the made in china writing looks like handwrited), they should value between 1k and 12.5 k
Martina Niggli
Martina Niggli 6 dagen geleden
The writing on the cup was swiss
shaddowbonni 1
shaddowbonni 1 6 dagen geleden
Just Dustin:boxes are horrible but chests are better. Na I'm more of a booty guy -jeramy the camera man
Max Endres
Max Endres 6 dagen geleden
9:30 it's german (Deutsch)
eggplant the rainwing
eggplant the rainwing 7 dagen geleden
I got the choose wisely reference instantly
Paddy Mac
Paddy Mac 9 dagen geleden
mice tysin is my favorit boxer.
Paddy Mac
Paddy Mac 9 dagen geleden
i have that china its irish and im irish.
Xxxtentation Fan
Xxxtentation Fan 9 dagen geleden
The beanie baby's are worth a lot I think
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 11 dagen geleden
Just Dustin that gold seethe stone is harden tree sap from dinosaur times
Nico Afton
Nico Afton 11 dagen geleden
9:30 that german
K Lavery
K Lavery 13 dagen geleden
And i have the same tube or worm thing
K Lavery
K Lavery 13 dagen geleden
I have the same foosball thing but one of the yellow ones are broken in half
Death Korps Guardsmen
Death Korps Guardsmen 15 dagen geleden
justdustin buys: yellow gamma radiation tank zach: KiCk It It WonT gO bOoM
TamΓ‘s fekete
TamΓ‘s fekete 17 dagen geleden
Finnlay Buckley
Finnlay Buckley 19 dagen geleden
Karma_Killer 212
Karma_Killer 212 20 dagen geleden
*When Justin and zack swap roles*
Bjorn Nelson
Bjorn Nelson 24 dagen geleden
The way to test pearls us ti scrape them with your teeth and if they feel like sandpaper they are real
Trevof B
Trevof B 25 dagen geleden
Sheeeeeee man's got drip
Denji 27 dagen geleden
I bet the sword held some value if it was packaged like that, and it could've been made by some famous Japanese dude. And the katana is called Wakazashi.
Wanda Collinsfhte
Wanda Collinsfhte 28 dagen geleden
The plastic lace namely grate because acrylic concordingly milk unlike a puzzled alibi. enthusiastic, lewd linen
jaxon Callaghan
jaxon Callaghan 28 dagen geleden
Do 100k
Slithery Snake
Slithery Snake 28 dagen geleden
Did any body realize how Dustin stoped mid sentence to say dont hit it with the axe
Peyton Brandt
Peyton Brandt Maand geleden
like it up
pandaxd223 Maand geleden
Its a asasination knife for a samurai
Helen Lambert
Helen Lambert Maand geleden
Can i have the toys
pruitz Maand geleden
Bro i own a exactly same version of that mini kaatana like ive owned it for 5 years
Brandon Kasal
Brandon Kasal Maand geleden
Jeremy with his outfit he found should have been the robber instead in the simplisafe ad lmao
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez Maand geleden
The mini sword
Angel Ramirez
Angel Ramirez Maand geleden
It's called a kadachi
Celina Adele Sande
Celina Adele Sande Maand geleden
The kupp is from Norway i kome forme Norway
Aisha Adam
Aisha Adam Maand geleden
Like ur vids
Christy Linkiewicz
Christy Linkiewicz Maand geleden
I own the exact same fooseball table
Maik Ullrich
Maik Ullrich Maand geleden
That on the Cup is German but not normal German its the Older German and its Called Plat Deutch on German
alexander haechten
alexander haechten Maand geleden
Get the likes up goddamit I wanna see them buy something expensive
Nathaniel Scott
Nathaniel Scott Maand geleden
Zach just destroying his case was so upsetting like dude you want to keep it intake for resale value.
Elizabeth Kim
Elizabeth Kim Maand geleden
Well well we’ve been looking for this guy thanks to just Dustin’s own πŸ‘
MC win
MC win Maand geleden
the red suitcase is from germany
Three brothers and friend
Make distraction club 🀣🀣🀣
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee Maand geleden
Why cant yall say the ~cough~ ~cough~ word? Every utuber says thw cough cough
dragon gamer
dragon gamer Maand geleden
You know the katana that Zack got it's called a short sword
PaintBall For Life
PaintBall For Life Maand geleden
Hey Justin could you send me one fo those zombie costumes at 11010 buck lane mancelona michigan I'd love to have one
Thin Hatter
Thin Hatter Maand geleden
So nukeuar waste is worth 100,000? Russia: we have the money now america.
Gabe Shockley
Gabe Shockley Maand geleden
Ok i kind of want those beer stins
Logan Annell
Logan Annell Maand geleden
It looked like he robed a dam carnival
Marvel P Simanjuntak
Marvel P Simanjuntak Maand geleden
"Hats i dotn put on" why are u wearing a hat then?
OohOohAhAh 2 maanden geleden
Think the cup thingie jeremy had was a germab beer stein
TJ gaming 11
TJ gaming 11 2 maanden geleden
Germy dripping πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Alexander Minnas
Alexander Minnas 2 maanden geleden
I wanna see more like this
Albie Macleod
Albie Macleod 2 maanden geleden
When is your next armoured vehicle video going to be out
TXKids4Fun 2 maanden geleden
Did you guys see at the very very beginning the intro his face turned to Jeremy and the other guy
Isabelle Brock
Isabelle Brock 2 maanden geleden
Get them to buy it
Zes097 2 maanden geleden
I have a gx charizard
Tyler Fitzgerald
Tyler Fitzgerald 2 maanden geleden
The Japan cup that is green it says made in 1900
GaMeRFrostYT 2 maanden geleden
me fav is brock
SneakyPanda95 2 maanden geleden
We need the 500k likes
BRANCH_OPTIC 2 maanden geleden
5:11 it is a wakizashi
XALU Toyhunter
XALU Toyhunter 2 maanden geleden
E 2 maanden geleden
*Drink tea with me dustin*
Lyet 2 maanden geleden
That lady was in Germany
the terraverse
the terraverse 2 maanden geleden
Meshell Eggleston
Meshell Eggleston 2 maanden geleden
What happens is the side of her poo in the hotel is on the workshop I meant I have the recording on I'm watching you guys for your video right now I'm talking through headphones to write this if you want to know who I am Ooty's daughter
Nicole May
Nicole May 2 maanden geleden
i like the sord
Rap of anthem
Rap of anthem 2 maanden geleden
If i think it was that
Rap of anthem
Rap of anthem 2 maanden geleden
I miss all the FLEX SEAL stuff and all the wepon vs trent
Rap of anthem
Rap of anthem 2 maanden geleden
Is trent dead he looks like he has something in his stomach
Easton Weaver
Easton Weaver 2 maanden geleden
1:05 sounds like a three-year-old kid on Christmas morning
Jake Coil
Jake Coil 2 maanden geleden
DEXTER909 2 maanden geleden
the red clothes are from Lebanon or Egypt cause i am from there
Carlos Osorio
Carlos Osorio 2 maanden geleden
Dustin: *makes noises* Zach: AAAOOOOOOOO Eric: has no idea what is going on
Boss_Official 2 maanden geleden
Hi dustin
Brenda Tran
Brenda Tran 2 maanden geleden
i have the exact same mini soccer thing
Jeevan plays
Jeevan plays 2 maanden geleden
I need a slinky for my dog 🐢
El. L.
El. L. 2 maanden geleden
All from jeremy is out of germany i now that cause i come out of germany
NATALI KLOKOVA 2 maanden geleden
The fretful replace fundamentally escape because banker largely cry notwithstanding a boorish atm. fixed, used thread
#BEAST MODE 2 maanden geleden
3:25 anyone else remember when mr beast forgot his camera on the plane???
GoatsVr 2 maanden geleden
Why is the water green
Altaay 2 maanden geleden
Every video of his is sponsored by som
Johnny Trevino
Johnny Trevino 2 maanden geleden
NERF WAR FILMS Lol 2 maanden geleden
A lil bit late to it but soooooouuuuuuwwwwweeeeeeee what is up and today we are breaking 100 layers of lego wall
Chenterr 3 maanden geleden
Hey loook pvz2 zombies
Justin Zent
Justin Zent 3 maanden geleden
That was German
Harmlessbody 302
Harmlessbody 302 3 maanden geleden
It is a wakizashi
Elijah Tucker
Elijah Tucker 3 maanden geleden
capung yang nongkrong di hidung iguana
When there's no Trent in the videos... Me: WHERE....IS....TRENT?!?
Darry Dallas
Darry Dallas 3 maanden geleden
I have the same foosball table!
Snicker's Gaming
Snicker's Gaming 3 maanden geleden
it means Der Trunk sei klar dein Lieb sei rar translated to - The drink is clear your love is exquisite.
Ben Broadwater
Ben Broadwater 3 maanden geleden
That cup is a German cup
Martin S.
Martin S. 3 maanden geleden
On the Think wher you can drink out of is Form Germany
Dirk Huhn
Dirk Huhn 3 maanden geleden
9:29 this is german its mean your funseiklar your dear seirar
Baellchen D. Don
Baellchen D. Don 3 maanden geleden
Lol read explosive noch expensive
Boomer The boom
Boomer The boom 3 maanden geleden
The clothes that are silky or Chinese outfits!
SilkiesRBest 3 maanden geleden
lol i have the exact same foosball table
ExoticXB1JOK 3 maanden geleden
Jermey said hat I don't put on hats when he's wherein one
Gaby Salviejo
Gaby Salviejo 3 maanden geleden
The cups are plated the inside is clearly silver
sans sans
sans sans 3 maanden geleden
i was just playing pvz 2 and there is zombie sprite from the game
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