Trapped Inside 100 Layers Of Ice 

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First To Mine The Diamond, Keeps It
Trapped Inside 100 Layers Of Cardboard
1 Hour To Escape A Prison Cell

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6 mrt. 2021




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JustDustin 3 maanden geleden
First To Mine The Diamond, Keeps It Trapped Inside 100 Layers Of Cardboard​ 1 Hour To Escape A Prison Cell
Blake Gore
Blake Gore 21 uur geleden
Hi guys
Blake Gore
Blake Gore 21 uur geleden
Hi guys
Kathryn Jones
Kathryn Jones 3 dagen geleden
@Luis Terrazas love your vids
stephen winata
stephen winata 5 dagen geleden
Dustin survive death
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 9 dagen geleden
That was hilarious
Morten Næss
Morten Næss 2 uur geleden
Just wait and the Ice will melt
Cody Holcomb
Cody Holcomb 6 uur geleden
This video is like giving special needs kids a pile of cash and no supervision for 12 hours. This is dogshit
A person plays games
A person plays games 8 uur geleden
I like how Dustin can just squeeze through the bars
Sky King
Sky King 11 uur geleden
Yarr swords I want to have them even better him holding a sword like a pirate 🥴😎😏🤑🏴🏴‍☠️
Sky King
Sky King 11 uur geleden
And a diamond 🤑
CoffeeMan 12 uur geleden
Jermy is so annoying
Blake Mcallister
Blake Mcallister 13 uur geleden
This group would be great in a zombie apocalypse
Blake Gore
Blake Gore 21 uur geleden
Hi guys
Monkey D. LIZARD
Monkey D. LIZARD 23 uur geleden
It's a katana not a samurai sword
Im ur new fan
Jalapeno cactus
Jalapeno cactus Dag geleden
its called a jagkommando
Matt Maximum
Matt Maximum Dag geleden
Him cuts ice my skin dead
Blake Kubit
Blake Kubit Dag geleden
how long did it take to make the wall of ice
Ledo's World
Ledo's World Dag geleden
Future mrbeast
Greyman Dag geleden
Trent is a beast!!
Marie Guzmán
Marie Guzmán 2 dagen geleden
Adrian Kiriyenko
Adrian Kiriyenko 2 dagen geleden
That was amazing how the ice fell down
Joy Dunlap
Joy Dunlap 2 dagen geleden
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Brady Lee
Brady Lee 3 dagen geleden
ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye
JACOBURBOI 3 dagen geleden
At the end when Trent broke the prison Trent: * breaks prison * Dustin *OHHHH* Trent “ can you get through “
Pt Lmao
Pt Lmao 3 dagen geleden
If he spent a week on this ice thing then how did it not melt 😐
Rigg Gottschall
Rigg Gottschall 3 dagen geleden
I like how he jump through the bars when the ice falls
Syed Mahmood Saleem
Syed Mahmood Saleem 3 dagen geleden
Trent: breaks the whole thing Trent again: dId YoU gEt ThRoUgH
Beamer dude
Beamer dude 4 dagen geleden
It looks like chocolate
Xross - Dubs
Xross - Dubs 4 dagen geleden
i love trent he is the fuckin best XD
Jackson Gould
Jackson Gould 4 dagen geleden
dustin remember in first to mine the diamond keeps it its hilarius when trent goes IM SICK OF THIS HAMMER!
Alondra Horne
Alondra Horne 4 dagen geleden
the metal bat: flys to Dustin person holding camera:NOO *the bat misses* guy holding camera: Oh I thought it was gunna hit you Me: what a good friend :) making sure he’s ok :)
John Sullivan
John Sullivan Dag geleden
The cameraman is Jeremy.
nympha marvilla
nympha marvilla 4 dagen geleden
Ashmega8256 4 dagen geleden
The twisty knife is the m48 twisted dagger dustin
Essa and Noah and Rome
Essa and Noah and Rome 4 dagen geleden
Essa and Noah and Rome
Essa and Noah and Rome 4 dagen geleden
Come on let’s get Justin to 5m
Desmond Huynh
Desmond Huynh 4 dagen geleden
Trent gets the slegde in this and destroys the ice prison but in the concrete one it did nothing
CoolLogan 1248
CoolLogan 1248 4 dagen geleden
Crazy mlgbenttwig
Crazy mlgbenttwig 4 dagen geleden
Man if Zack had blue ice”the strongest form ice can take”he would win
Charcoal2711 4 dagen geleden
Mala Pun
Mala Pun 4 dagen geleden
haedtohaed Gamer
haedtohaed Gamer 4 dagen geleden
david games
david games 4 dagen geleden
the shovel bounced off the box and went for trent
Steisy Perez
Steisy Perez 4 dagen geleden
Jeremy why are you so lazy why don’t you help your best friend
Ghost Ghost
Ghost Ghost 5 dagen geleden
what a bull sh*t
Eden Robinson
Eden Robinson 5 dagen geleden
Trent never used to talk
Brenda Pearson
Brenda Pearson 5 dagen geleden
The purple stopwatch cytogenetically yawn because libra pharmacokinetically tame aboard a wrathful energy. nondescript, overconfident hamster
The best channel you’ll ever see E V E R
Trent: destroys the entire prison Also Trent: can you get thru
Adam Ramsey
Adam Ramsey 5 dagen geleden
Was there an ice pick
iiceee 5 dagen geleden
what is a pylon? thats a cone
Yaseen Abdulrazeq
Yaseen Abdulrazeq 6 dagen geleden
Dustin you’re super cool
yolomaster plays big games
the metal bat hurts: dustin: it hurts, *continues to swing the metal bat*
Vivian Ryan
Vivian Ryan 6 dagen geleden
Samuel Drake
Samuel Drake 6 dagen geleden
Dustin became a demon slayer with the katana XD
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 6 dagen geleden
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MARS BRIAN 7 dagen geleden
Why you slash not stab
Thom Mikail S. Berre
Thom Mikail S. Berre 7 dagen geleden
Hi hi hi
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini
Pancakes Devin Lin Mini 8 dagen geleden
MistyFurball1 8 dagen geleden
Trent is easily the most destructive being on the planet
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 8 dagen geleden
Michael Moore
Michael Moore 8 dagen geleden
You could of went under neth and ur done
Psycho Phoenix
Psycho Phoenix 8 dagen geleden
In my experience the best way to get used to cold water is to go down to the shoulders and sit for a solid minuet and you usually get used to it
عبدالله Sla
عبدالله Sla 8 dagen geleden
13:22 ???? What
عبدالله Sla
عبدالله Sla 8 dagen geleden
Tommy Kenny
Tommy Kenny 9 dagen geleden
What are seagulls called seagulls?
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 9 dagen geleden
OMG Trent
Ghost _ Raider2011p
Ghost _ Raider2011p 9 dagen geleden
Trent is my favourite out of da group
Nolan Nybeck
Nolan Nybeck 10 dagen geleden
Trent: *knocks it all over* Also trent: "can you get through?"
Brihadiscool 10 dagen geleden
I just realised all he had to do is push the ice down 😂
Ahad Mohammed
Ahad Mohammed 10 dagen geleden
NUGGET! 11 dagen geleden
Nooooo not the justdusten 😱
FOFO 10 11 dagen geleden
16:13 هههههههههه 🤣
jerald playz
jerald playz 11 dagen geleden
I downloaded basketball erena its amazing
Glitches 12 dagen geleden
Trent is cool
Ivanka Medrano Aello
Ivanka Medrano Aello 12 dagen geleden
Ivanka Medrano Aello
Ivanka Medrano Aello 12 dagen geleden
György Janser
György Janser 12 dagen geleden
I still dont now how your freinds stil alive
Sian clark
Sian clark 13 dagen geleden
Get hot sauce
Russel Desotto
Russel Desotto 13 dagen geleden
Bro the big guy is soo epucc hw is soo strong lol
Tristans vlogs
Tristans vlogs 13 dagen geleden
Wow trapped in one layer of ice
Whitney Walker
Whitney Walker 15 dagen geleden
Jayde Winsto
Jayde Winsto 15 dagen geleden
Dustin you can kill three zombies with the golden axe
John Romero Inohue
John Romero Inohue 16 dagen geleden
Dustin the mini axes aren’t axes there hatchets
Hallie Kean
Hallie Kean 16 dagen geleden
Hallie Kean
Hallie Kean 16 dagen geleden
Nathan Hall
Nathan Hall 16 dagen geleden
For the samurai swords the shorter one is a tanto the longer one is a katana
Justin Palisoc
Justin Palisoc 17 dagen geleden
Dustin: why cant i go thru the top?? Zack: bc there is no content
Kerry Stepanoff
Kerry Stepanoff 3 dagen geleden
Then what's the point of the challenge if he goes over the top of the ice.
Fire-Flame Protector Elias
i could fit thwou the bars
Deivi Feliz
Deivi Feliz 18 dagen geleden
omebia 18 dagen geleden
Trent has too much testosterone
IamSharky 19 dagen geleden
“Trent be like” CAN YOU GET THREW???” Or bigger?😂😂😂
Make! Am skid
Kyle Stone
Kyle Stone 19 dagen geleden
16:06 held him like a baby.. lmao
Ibrahim Rabadi
Ibrahim Rabadi 19 dagen geleden
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Tooterシ 19 dagen geleden
Dustin: This bat does not feel good on my hands. Also Dustin: Keeps hitting ice with same bat.
Larissa Beatty
Larissa Beatty 19 dagen geleden
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Irene Herrera
Irene Herrera 19 dagen geleden
Idk if u guys can hear the song but it's call nbhd nick run it up
Seth Lynde
Seth Lynde 20 dagen geleden
twisty knife is actually known as the worlds deadliest knife. anyone stabbed by it, will die in 30 seconds and it takes a team of surgeons to close the wounds.
The_boyz063 20 dagen geleden
Just slip between the bars
kristoffer håkansson
kristoffer håkansson 20 dagen geleden
kristoffer håkansson
kristoffer håkansson 20 dagen geleden
malcolm veloz
malcolm veloz 21 dag geleden
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clever avila
clever avila 23 dagen geleden
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clever avila
clever avila 23 dagen geleden
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1 Hour To Escape A Prison Cell
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