You Flinch, You Lose 

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27 mrt. 2021




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JustDustin 2 maanden geleden
binge watch these, you won’t regret it ;)
@darsh75 @。所以我要我走得㗎喇我過嚟即刻白癡仔啦姐姐唔可以坐定定呢爸爸家姐嘅嘢下玩嘢啊樓傻佬臭只只只小弟低哈哈鬼
Liam millard
Liam millard 20 dagen geleden
Justin you played tomb raider before it is a fun game if you havent
Hailey Booher
Hailey Booher 26 dagen geleden
Just Dustin’s videos don’t disappoint
Tommy Johnson
Tommy Johnson Maand geleden
Wooooo. So. Kool. Vibios
Tycho Wehry
Tycho Wehry Maand geleden
Dustin makes awesome and fun family content.
Pokémon Trainer
Pokémon Trainer 7 uur geleden
If you play the very first challenge the second person very very slow he flinched 2 times
dat_panda_boy 15 uur geleden
The third dude didn't even flinched y'all doing this wrong bro at first I thought the second dude is going to flinch but he did a lil bit y'all did the third man wrong he didn't even flinched
Tyson 18 uur geleden
Tyson 18 uur geleden
the ball
Tyson 18 uur geleden
lol trent
Matjaž Horvat
Matjaž Horvat 21 uur geleden
You flinch you lose life
nola bikelife dylan
nola bikelife dylan 23 uur geleden
I like watching you
HuskyRoblox 2
HuskyRoblox 2 Dag geleden
14:45 weird
Vince Cabagay
Vince Cabagay Dag geleden
1:30 that wasn't a flinch
Kody388 Dag geleden
What if the thing holding up the nails broke the thing holding up the unbreakable glass broke the chains holding the logs broke
Mark Chan mow
Mark Chan mow Dag geleden
Huh my boy Trent the best
Capps Eddie
Capps Eddie 2 dagen geleden
The royal parentheses ironically offend because raft aetiologically slow failing a average advantage. stale, defiant speedboat
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 2 dagen geleden
That was hilarious 😂
gaming games
gaming games 2 dagen geleden
6:43 i'm dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lisa Batley
Lisa Batley 3 dagen geleden
How did he lift the big ball
Mike G
Mike G 3 dagen geleden
The first one the 2 one he did!!!
OliOliv3s 3 dagen geleden
When he says elbows at ninety they are literally at 100 degrees lol
GRAYgoose124 3 dagen geleden
The trick isn't to get used to the sensory stimulus, but to just dissociate from any stimuli altogether. You can hold back flinches when you think you're safe, but the only way to hold back a flinch when you don't have that security is to be effectively sensory blind to it. If you've daydreamed or gotten distracted, you know what dissociation is like, now use it to disconnect everything on purpose. IMO, a blink isn't a flinch but at the same time I'd include it in my challenge knowing there's a trick to not even blink. Btw, there's nothing better than zach losing. I sincerely hope he just plays the foil for these shows and this isn't his actual personality. If it is, in no stretch, you guys are better than I.
Kolten Mattingly
Kolten Mattingly 3 dagen geleden
Who’s that random guy in the background with a blue shirt?
mhansen012 3 dagen geleden
I've watched this video 3 times. Love the videos keep it up dustin
Dominic Kaell
Dominic Kaell 4 dagen geleden
You do know that you could have all died
Jeremy Robin
Jeremy Robin 4 dagen geleden
My name is jeremy
Aaron john Mallari
Aaron john Mallari 4 dagen geleden
Dustin flinch at the spike thing but it said no flinch huuuuuuhhh????
David Corcoran
David Corcoran 4 dagen geleden
why it t h i n
Belen Gutierrez
Belen Gutierrez 5 dagen geleden
Ang anyone ang friends mo set like yeyeeeeeerrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i so scary i omos die hahahahhahahahahahahaha
AbziGaming YT
AbziGaming YT 5 dagen geleden
We’re did Tyler go
Yaseen Abdulrazeq
Yaseen Abdulrazeq 5 dagen geleden
Use it in Safari
Mike Speers
Mike Speers 6 dagen geleden
The concrete ball wasn't in concrete
Eliott Lorilloux
Eliott Lorilloux 6 dagen geleden
some of them must havee been so scared love it
Jaylord12766 Paragas
Jaylord12766 Paragas 6 dagen geleden
7:21 he lifting moon maybe he is Thomas 😂😂😂
yes 6 dagen geleden
And by lose, he means to die
Deuslot 8 dagen geleden
Trent didn’t even blink the second time
Señor BOYZPLATY 9 dagen geleden
Dustin: “The boulder is like a moon from Avengers” Me: Indiana Jones, anybody?
SwaggerSwordPrestige 7 dagen geleden
I know right
Irfan Not Found
Irfan Not Found 10 dagen geleden
Trent: Flintches Dustin: That's NO flinch
Dominic Sankey
Dominic Sankey 10 dagen geleden
Big ones
Benjamin Crabtree
Benjamin Crabtree 11 dagen geleden
Dat ball kinda sus
Royal Alvarado
Royal Alvarado 11 dagen geleden
Alastor 12 dagen geleden
Is no one gonna talk about how Dustin almost sweared when it was his turn for the boulder
Edie Hoil
Edie Hoil 12 dagen geleden
Why does Justin look dead in the first try to not flinch😂
Some Guy
Some Guy 12 dagen geleden
"I'm not gonna lie... I thought the whole thing was breaking down and coming for me"
memes lol
memes lol 13 dagen geleden
i love binging ur vids bro keep doin what ur doin
Toast Boi
Toast Boi 13 dagen geleden
1:10 *pause* he looks like the drug dealer around the corner of your street tryin to give some random kid so magically delicious Twinkies. 🥴🌿💊🚬🚭
MR. X 14 dagen geleden
Justiin always has the same excuse for these challenges
Bob Jefferson
Bob Jefferson 14 dagen geleden
He flinched in the last roudn
Farr 15 dagen geleden
dustin a scam
Rocket league pro
Rocket league pro 16 dagen geleden
Patricia Delapaz
Patricia Delapaz 16 dagen geleden
Dustin flinched on the last one
Jayden Virani Studio
Jayden Virani Studio 16 dagen geleden
I love watching this show thank u for creating this video
ZQ 17 dagen geleden
0:57 tell me how that is not a flinch.
Leif Erickson
Leif Erickson 17 dagen geleden
You guys should do a video on trents fear
Bassline sounds
Bassline sounds 17 dagen geleden
Mr beast knockoff
Daniel Stephens
Daniel Stephens 17 dagen geleden
Why does Jeremy always want to act tough
Pr1230o 17 dagen geleden
They all flinch in ever round
Tami Ertel
Tami Ertel 18 dagen geleden
Are we just gonna ignore the fact the Dustin flinched on 3/4 rounds?
Bigmac drawing and fun
Bigmac drawing and fun 18 dagen geleden
Is it just me but was Jeremys first go at not flinching at 2:16 wasn’t that bad and a lot a lot of the movement from Jeremy was the contraption flinging into his face making it move so I don’t think he did that bad Over all awesome vid keep up the good work
Ibrahim Rabadi
Ibrahim Rabadi 19 dagen geleden
The dark archaeology sequently back because chef coincidently arrive apud a macho slave. enormous, sable reminder
Cooper Christie
Cooper Christie 21 dag geleden
Dude imagine round one and someone's too close
Tben Crafts
Tben Crafts 21 dag geleden
These guys cheat so much yet.. I still love their vids
Braden Thornton
Braden Thornton 22 dagen geleden
the ball was not concrete it was paper Miche
Aidan Rojas
Aidan Rojas 22 dagen geleden
How is Trent so strong with the ball
Troll Master
Troll Master 22 dagen geleden
Justin you flinched in the beginning
liban abdikadir
liban abdikadir 22 dagen geleden
round 2 he flinch they just backing up for him cause he the owner of the page
Jovan REZK
Jovan REZK 22 dagen geleden
He flinch
Jovan REZK
Jovan REZK 22 dagen geleden
He flinch at the coffin one the first one idk his name
Nathan McDougall
Nathan McDougall 23 dagen geleden
3:03 trent did flinch look at his arms
89ortega 24 dagen geleden
NLblock recommended this video today. Absolutely not disappointed!!!! Clicked subscribe!! Keep up the good work guys
Edyta Kowalczyk
Edyta Kowalczyk 24 dagen geleden
???? ??? C O N O
Amy Meredith
Amy Meredith 24 dagen geleden
You coukd breath and it is a flinch
Logan Kornick
Logan Kornick 24 dagen geleden
There is no way in hell those logs weigh 300lbs.
Swervion _
Swervion _ 24 dagen geleden
bro he literally flinched again they said no flinch lol
VladeM 24 dagen geleden
How are you supposed to flinch if there’s no way you go back with your head? :)
Sam wilson
Sam wilson 24 dagen geleden
Winged Donuts
Winged Donuts 26 dagen geleden
theres a reason why we blink or flinch. so we can avoid injuries and stuff
Sadiki Martin
Sadiki Martin 26 dagen geleden
Their all so nice
EL RAYOBALÍN 26 dagen geleden
Bruh on the first one Dustin flinched the hardest
Spirit Wolf
Spirit Wolf 27 dagen geleden
If the cameraman Flinched then im a millionaire, And I dont have any money.
Damian Real
Damian Real 27 dagen geleden
I saw this kkkkkkkkkkckckc
Everyone YouTube
Everyone YouTube 28 dagen geleden
Dustin at the end : FLINCHES 5 TIMES Everyone: he didn’t flinch
Will Bill
Will Bill 28 dagen geleden
On 57 seconds he flinched
Iwona Szwed
Iwona Szwed 29 dagen geleden
Eric is xute
Seif Seleman
Seif Seleman 29 dagen geleden
Can we not talk about that TRENT 9:30 guys look at middle left
Liam_Kelly 10
Liam_Kelly 10 Maand geleden
This is actually not safe to do at all
Shinra sとりえs
Shinra sとりえs Maand geleden
GAMEZ WITH JAMES Maand geleden
Oh my goodness
Dark Maand geleden
They don't know what a flinch means -_-, Trent won
martha luna
martha luna Maand geleden
Dustin flinched;-;
Maria Angelica Villesis
Maria Angelica Villesis
Huzaimah Huzaimah
Huzaimah Huzaimah Maand geleden
Why Zach want to make the Dog Sound
Triplets Adventure
Triplets Adventure Maand geleden
Dustin flinched for everything lol
Geneviève Chollet
Geneviève Chollet Maand geleden
What music you use at minut 0.57
Tucker Staggs
Tucker Staggs Maand geleden
If I did the one with the logs I would say to crush my phone
Life A Mood
Life A Mood Maand geleden
Zach- Safety Goggles ,Smaty Smoggles 13:29😂😂😂
Alicia Gray
Alicia Gray Maand geleden
Dustin flintched so many times
MeDan Maand geleden
What i think if im there: it won't hur me so its easy What actually happened:flinched so hard that make me die
Justin Wingfield
Justin Wingfield Maand geleden
I wasn’t even there and I flinched
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